Activities For Kids To Do When Stuck At Home (Including Free Printables)


Kids stuck at home? Here is a collection of educational and fun activities for the kids to do while home — including printables!

activities for kids to do while stuck at home

Looking for something for your kids to do while they are unexpectedly at home? I have you covered! If you are looking for just fun things or educational, I have some ideas for you. I certainly hope they help.

Educational Activities For Kids To Do At Home

It is never easy when kids are out of school and you want to help them keep their minds sharp with educational activities. At least, it is never easy for me. But recently I sat down and made a plan for things for them to do during snow days and other unexpected time home. And now I am sharing these kids activities for home with you!

Scholastic Learn at Home

We love Scholastic and were surprised to learn about their Learn At Home website! It offers day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing while they are not in the classroom. What a great way to beat the summer learning loss, am I right? Simply choose your grade level and you are given tons of great activity, reading, and watching ideas!

DC Zoom Graphic Novels

Book Reports

I am lucky in the fact that my daughters love to read. They take after their mama that way, that is for sure. Since they are reading often anyways, I have them write up a book report when they are done with a book. Nothing super fancy, but just what happened in the book and what they thought about it. I correct their spelling and grammar, but don’t make them re-write it.

Hersheypark ZooAmerica

Virtual Field Trips

Did you that a lot of museums and zoos offer virtual field trips? I only recently discovered this and have been LOVING exploring them with my kids. Here is a list of over 30 virtual field trips (with links) that you can enjoy with your kids when they are home from school.

A persona favorite of ours that parents and kids can enjoy together is Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Moon! It really is such a cool experience!


My daughters enjoy doing workbooks, and I love that it gives them some time to learn independently. There are so many options available on Amazon, and we have stocked up on quite a few for their grade levels. Their favorites are the Star Wars themed workbooks (because we are raising them right), but there are plenty of other options as well. Check out all the workbooks here.

Scribblenauts Mega Pack lorie

Just For Fun Activities

Looking for some fun stuff to do while home as well? I have you covered!

onward coloring page

Printable Coloring Pages & Activity Sheets

If your kids are like mine they love to color, do word searches, and other activities like that. So here is a list of printable coloring pages and activity sheets themed to some of their favorite movies and characters.

mansions of madness

Board Games

While some board games have an educational aspect to them, all are fun! Here are some of my family’s favorites:

Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 switch

Video Games

Something you might already know about me is that I am a complete “vidiot” — at least that is what my dad has always called me. There are plenty of family friendly video games, here are just a few of our favorites:

If you are looking for a collection of free apps to help with education — I have you covered on that as well!

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