Robot Turtles Board Game Review


Robot Turtles Review

I am lucky enough that ThinkFun chose me to receive this game for free in order to review it! I was so excited when I found out because my 3 year old is really in to board games now. She would rather sit at the table and play games all day than spend time outside, or even watch TV! I am not exaggerating when I say we play board games for at least 3 solid hours every day in our house. We only own three games that are age appropriate for her so it has been the same thing over…and over…and over….this mama was very excited to be getting a new game to switch things up! And Robot Turtles did not disappoint!

Let me start off with a quick description of this game. This game sneakily teaches children about coding and they have no idea because they are too busy having fun! Each child is a Turtle Master and the adult(s) are the Turtle Movers. They have cards to move their turtle forward and turn him to each side. The color on these cards corresponds to the color of the flowers on the sides of the turtles’ playing pieces. The child plays their cards and you move the turtles for them (don’t forget to make funny sounds as you do!). The objective is for them to get their turtles to the matching jewel. They can even take back their move if it is still their turn by touching their bug and yelling “bug!” Once the child gets the hang of the game you can introduce different obstacles and abilities like snow castles and lasers! And the best part? EVERYONE WINS! Any turtle that gets to their jewel is a winning turtle!

Let’s talk about the packaging and pieces for just a minute. Everything came very well packaged. The pieces are very sturdy and high quality. The turtles, jewels, bugs, and obstacles are a thicker cardboard and should stand up to my girls rough playing! The pieces do need to be popped out when you first play the game but that takes less than a minute and they come out really easily! I did not have to struggle at all to get them out – I have had issues with other games in the past.


We played this game 7 or 8 times yesterday and had a blast! Each game was a different experience. We placed the jewels in different squares each time so my daughters would have to figure out a different path. We even let my 3 year play a couple times after her younger sister went to bed. We still helped her by moving the turtle, but she did not have an “opponent” and that is fine too! I am pretty sure my daughter started playing cards she did not want to use just so she could yell “BUG!” at the top of her lungs! My husband, who is an electrical engineer, was really impressed with the game and what it does. He believes that coding is very important in this day and age and loves that our girls are going to learn it at such a young age.


Overall, I highly recommend this game. It is great for little ones AND parents. We had so much fun laughing and making silly noises – it did not seem like learning at all! With all the different obstacles and abilities you can introduce I know that this game will stick with us through many years. Each time you play, the game is truly a whole new experience! I absolutely LOVE that everyone wins. This is a huge issue in our house and if my 3 year old loses a game – a fit usually follows. The game says ages 4 and up but my 3 year old did fine. It also states two players but honestly, we had a blast with just one (not counting the adults)! One thing to remember – making the silly noises when moving the turtles for your children is the most important part (and the most fun part!) I am very excited to bring this to the next family get together so my girls and their cousins can play it together!

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You can purchase your own copy of Robot Turtles on ThinkFun’s website here for $25.00 or on Amazon here for $24.99. I think this is a great price for what you get! I would (and probably will) purchase this as a gift for friends and family. I am a huge fan!

Check out my YouTube review on Robot Turtles here.

I have another game on the way from ThinkFun and they have set the bar quite high! Be sure to check back for a review on that game soon!

**UPDATED** Check out my review on The Shell Game by #ThinkFun here! Spoiler alert, they did NOT disappoint!



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