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How to Make Your Very Own Stop Motion Claymation Movie Like Early Man! | #EarlyMan

I am surrounded by artists in my house. Trust me, I am not one, but my husband and daughters are. One thing they have always wanted to do was make a claymation video, so we were excited when we received a claymation kit so that we could make our own mini movie. Lionsgate sent it to us along with a copy of Early Man to inspire us to make a movie featuring Hognob. We had so much fun doing this, and I hope you all make one too! It is really easy to do – just check out this instructional video starring the cast of Early Man!

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Enter to Win A Solo: A Star Wars Story Prize Pack Worth Over $100! | #HanSolo #StarWars

Han Solo is an important part of the Star Wars story, so it is about time he got his own film! I know I have been waiting for one. Solo: A Star Wars Story is sure to be a box office hit. I mean, with a cast like that, you cannot go wrong. And can we talk for a second about how incredible Donald Glover looks as Lando?!? Perfection. To help celebrate its release, The Hopping Bloggers have come together to bring our readers a Solo: A Star Wars Story prize pack worth over $100!

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Perfectly Used Cameos Still Can’t Save Deadpool 2 (with video review!) | #Deadpool2 #Deadpool

I just saw Deadpool 2 last night and, well, this Marvel fan was disappointed. Yes, there was some humor, yes, there were amazing cameos, but no, this movie was not good. Unpopular opinion perhaps but I could barely make it through this movie. In fact, I fell asleep twice. TWICE! During fight scenes! I will keep the first half of this review spoiler free, and then move on to spoilery stuff for those of you that have seen the movie, or just want to know what you are getting yourself into. 

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GameStop Pro Day Sales This Weekend + Enter To Win A Gamer Prize Pack Valued at $275! | #GameStop

If you know anything about me, you know I am a huge gamer – along with the rest of my family. Yes, even my daughters are little gamers. It is near impossible to drag them away from Animal Jam, Minecraft, and Super Mario Maker. Because we play so many games so often, we are GameStop PowerUp Elite members. This saves us a ton of money, not only when buying used games, but also when purchasing accessories and collectibles. GameStop even has special Pro Day sales which give us members an even better deal, and one of those is coming up this weekend! This one day sale is happening on Saturday May 19th, and you don’t want to miss it!

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Deadpool Explained: What Parents Need to Know Before Taking Their Kids to the Movies | #Deadpool2

The first Deadpool movie was pretty spot on to the comic books, and I don’t expect the second to be any different. He is all about violence, bad language, breaking the 4th wall, and yes, even sex. In fact, one of my favorite story lines in the comics includes him carrying around a zombie head of himself from another time line. I highly recommend that parents know what they are getting in to when taking their kids to see Deadpool 2. Do your research and, if possible, view the film before letting them see it.

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Easily Create A Custom Canvas Print with Canvas Champ | #Giveaway

Something that makes a house more like a home for me is wall decor. If you walk through my house, you will see that. I have family photos and canvas prints throughout my home, and also some pretty amazing geek decor in my office. When I was offered a custom Canvas Champ canvas print to write about, I just knew I was going to have it made of the Avengers: Infinity War poster. Not only am I a huge Marvel fan – the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) means a lot to me. I have been invested in this universe for nearly my entire life between the comics and the movies.

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Black Panther Executive Producer Nate Moore Talks Easter Eggs, Casting, & More! | #BlackPantherBluray #BlackPanther #InfinityWarEvent

Black Panther is one of the best Marvel movies out there. It broke all kinds of records and I expect to see it clean up when award season hits. As a comic book reader who was never a huge fan of T’Challa in the books, I was blown away by how much I fell in love with the character and his story. When in California for the Avengers: Infinity War Premiere, I was able to sit down with Executive Producer Nate Moore to discuss the Black Panther blu-ray release. We got a sneak peak of the bonus features and learned a lot about the home release process. Pick up Black Panther in stores today!

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Costuming the Characters of Incredibles 2: Mid-Century Aesthetic & Lots of Hard Work | #Incredibles2Event

Did you know that when making an animated feature film, the crew has to create looks for every single background character? I guess I knew that, but I never thought much about how much work goes in to it. They have to design not only their clothes, but their hairstyles and body types. Of course, the main characters have to be styled as well. It could totally be argued that more work goes in to the costumes for animated films than live action films. While at Pixar, I was lucky enough to talk to the costume designers for Incredibles 2 and I learned so much about the whole process. 

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Win A Deadpool 2 Prize Pack with TWO Funko Pops & More! | #Deadpool2

The first Deadpool is one of my favorite Marvel movies. They did really well basing it off the comic book character. Let’s face it, the Deadpool we saw in X-Man Origins: Wolverine was NOT the Deadpool us comic book fans know and love. In fact, they took away the one thing that is unique about Deadpool – his mouth! He is not called the Merc with a Mouth for nothing. Luckily, they made it all better with Deadpool – and we now have Deadpool 2 about to come out! To help celebrate its release, The Hopping Bloggers have come together to bring our readers a great Deadpool prize pack!

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A List of Stan Lee’s Cameos in the MCU – Including Avengers: Infinity War

One of my favorite parts about Marvel movies is searching out the Stan Lee cameo. Any real Marvel fan knows that half the fun of the movie is waiting on the edge of your seat for him to appear. over the years, he has played many different roles. If I had to choose my favorite, at this moment I would go with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. And that is solely because I love the Watchers and that was amazing to see. I really dread the day when we won’t have Stan Lee cameos to search for anymore.