Nintendo Switch Game Review: New Super Lucky’s Tale Fun For The Whole Family


A huge thank you to our friends at Nintendo for providing us with a copy of New Super Lucky’s Tale and a bunch of themed goodies!

new super luckys tale nintendo switch

My whole family loves to game. That is something you probably already know about us. But did you know that our favorite system is currently the Nintendo Switch? We actually own two of them — one for the kids, and one for the adults. It is the most used console in our home by far, mainly because there are so many great games available for it Family games, kid games, and adult games. You cannot go wrong with a Nintendo Switch

We were so excited to receive a special package from our friends at Nintendo for New Super Lucky’s Tale. This is a game my girls had been asking for, and they were so eager to try it out. Lucky for us (see what I did there), it arrived on a snow day, which meant they had hours of uninterrupted time to check it out. And they ended up taking advantage and not putting the Switch down for hours. I guess they loved the game that much!

new super luckys tale nintendo switch

A Game For All Ages

After a few hours I was finally able to pry the Switch out of my girls’ hands and take a shot at New Super Lucky Myself. WOW! What a fun game! It truly is for Switch players of all ages. There are different challenges so that everyone will be entertained. Personally, I enjoy the story-based adventure the most. There is even 2D side-scrolling challenges, which were some of my favorites. 

My daughters? They liked the puzzles the most. This has quickly become a new favorite game in the house and I would be lying if I said I count the hours until they go to school so I can have it all to myself. 

Completionists Will Love This Game

I have told you before, I am a completionist when it comes to gaming. That means that I need to collect every single thing, solve every problem, and do all the side missions. Well New Super Lucky’s Tale has hundreds of collectibles to gather, tons of secrets to unlock, and don’t get me started on all the costumes you can add to your wardrobe! 

If you are a completionist gamer like I am, you are sure to get your money’s worth with New Super Lucky’s Tale because you will be spending hours upon hours collecting everything. And having a total blast doing it!

About New Super Lucky’s Tale

Join Lucky on his thrilling journey through the Book of Ages, a magical artifact that opens doors to amazing worlds. Meet new friends, explore exciting lands, and recover the missing pages from the evil sorcerer Jinx and his villainous family, the dreaded Kitty Litter.

Run, jump, climb incredible heights, burrow deep underground, overcome enemies, and explore amazing worlds on an epic quest to rescue the Book of Ages from the mysterious Jinx and his nefarious Kitty Litter! Experience an incredible variety of gameplay, ranging from 3D open-world hubs to story-based adventure levels to 2D side-scrolling challenges, rewarding mini-games, mind-bending puzzles, thrilling boss battles, and a memorable cast of characters!

new super luckys tale nintendo switch

New Super Lucky’s Tale is available now!


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