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Marvel the gifted cast

Why Comic Book Fans Should Pick Up The Gifted Season One on DVD | #TheGifted

It should come as no surprise to you that The Gifted is one of my favorite shows on TV. I am a big fan of, well, pretty much anything Marvel. And if you didn’t know, The Gifted features some of my favorite X-Men, and is totally worth a binge if you haven’t watched it yet (or even if you have). Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday, September 25th – the same day that Season 1 comes to DVD!

Disney pj masks

Kids Will Have a SUPER Time Watching PJ Masks: Mighty Moon Problems!

My daughters LOVE PJ Masks. In fact, my 5 year old picked all PJ Masks things for back to school – from her backpack, to lunch box, even her clothes! So when the latest PJ Masks DVD showed up on our doorstep, they both did a little dance. It went in to our DVD player immediately, and has now found a home in our minivan (so they can watch it wherever we go of course!). PJ Masks: Might Moon Problem includes six super fun episodes, that all fans of the show are sure to love!

Television adventure time fern

Four Major Reveals We Got in the Adventure Time Series Finale (Spoilers!)

The Adventure Time series finale just aired and I need to share my feelings. You may know that I first watched this finale a few weeks ago when Cartoon Network sent me The Final Season DVD. I told you that it will deliver for fans of the series, and I truly hope it delivered for you. There were plenty of emotional and shocking moments, so read on if you want spoilers or have already watched it. 

Television adventure time group

Spoiler Free Review: The Adventure Time Series Finale Delivers | #TheUltimateAdventure

I remember sitting in a movie theater with my new husband and seeing a trailer for Adventure Time. Because of that trailer we made a point to check out Adventure Time when it first aired in 2010. Since then, we have gone through a lot – had two kids – but Adventure Time has always stayed constant. It is something we have watched religiously, with our children, and I am crushed it is coming to an end. We were lucky enough to be sent a copy of the final DVD set, which includes the series finale. This finale will air on September 3rd and it totally delivers.

Disney Back to School PJ Masks

Going Back to School PJ Masks Style with these Must Have Items!

My daughters, especially my 5 year old, love PJ Masks. In fact, for my daughter’s third birthday she had a PJ Masks themed party – complete with an adorable cake! It is because of their love for PJ Masks that I am proud to be a PJ Masks ambassador! PJ Masks airs on Disney Junior and is a show that I actually enjoy watching with my daughters too.


Muppet Babies: Time To Play! Comes To DVD Today! | #MuppetBabies

Like so many others, I grew up watching the Muppets. I remember when Muppet Babies first came out, and I watch it all the time. I was so excited to see that it was being brought back this year so that I could enjoy it with my young daughters. This show airs on Disney Junior and is something we watch together as a family. My girls and I were thrilled when the new DVD, Muppet Babies: Time To Play! arrived at our front door. Bring yours home today!

Disney Elena_Realm_of_the_Jaquins_DVD

Elena of Avalor: Realm of the Jaquins DVD Available August 7th! | #ElenaofAvalor

My daughters LOVE Elena of Avalor. Every time we go to Disney World, which is a lot, they just HAVE to meet her. My youngest will binge watch her show over and over. I think she actually knows every word by heart. Every single word – of the series. So when we were sent an advance copy of the latest DVD, Realm of the Jaquins, we were thrilled. It was opened and put in the DVD player immediately. And then it made its way to the mini-van where it is now on repeat.

FanGirl Friday Mayhem - Cloak & Dagger

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger: Who Is Mayhem? (Spoilers Ahead!) | #CloakAndDagger

The season finale of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger was last night and it blew me away. Full warning, this article has some minor spoilers. Minor meaning what I am going to touch on is a big deal – for Season 2. It will give away a character we lost in this episode and touch on a new one that was introduced. So if you have not seen this episode yet and want to go in to it completely in the dark, stop reading now. If not, keep on going.

FanGirl Friday Steven Universe

Spoiler Free Review: Steven Universe: The Heart of The Crystal Gems | #StevenUniverseDVD

My girls are getting a little older – they are 5 and 7 now. My husband and I know that it is only a matter of time before they are out of the house, so we have family time every night. We play games, but we also cuddle up and watch a show or two. One of our favorite series to watch is Steven Universe. It is something that the entire family can enjoy. It is appropriate for kids, but the plot is really entertaining to adults. We were excited to get an advance copy of the latest DVD, Steven Universe: The Heart of the Crystal Gems, and we binged it in just two days. Yes, it was that good.

Marvel Marvel's cloak and dagger

Why You Should Binge Watch Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Before the Finale

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger hooked me from the first few minutes, and I haven’t looked back since. You probably know I am a huge Marvel comics fan, but some heroes I have never known much about are Cloak and Dagger. I love when they pop in to help save the day in crossover events – but I have never checked out their stand alone comics. From what I do know, their origin differs from what we see in this show, but Freeform is killing it with their interpretation. The season finale airs next week (August 2nd), and if you haven’t watched the show yet, get ready to binge all 9 episodes. 

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