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LOCATION: Upstate New York – Syracuse/Central New York Area
CONTACT: Tessa@MamasGeeky.com
START DATE: May 2014

Having real people test your products is a great way to expand your business! Consumers are turning to blogs and reviews more and more now when they are researching products they want to purchase. They want to know what real people truly think of something before they buy it.

Mama’s Geeky focuses on Disney, Movies, Comic Books, Gaming, Travel, Entertainment, and Tech. Besides a standard full article/review and social media shares, Mama’s Geeky offers fun and unique collaborations such a Event Coverage, Fan Girl Friday Features, and Gift Guides.

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Event Coverage

I live in Oswego, NY which is about 45 minutes away from Syracuse. I enjoy covering events, attractions, and locations in the Central New York area. Events that I cover include restaurant reviews, local events and shows, press events, and store or restaurant openings.

Requirements: I require 2 to 4 tickets depending on if this is a child friendly event or not. I do prefer press passes/VIP/full-access tickets so I can get the most out of my experience. If you’re a local restaurant, we require a full complimentary meal for four guests.

Travel: I require the company to cover travel expenses and hotel accommodations for anything over 100 miles from Oswego, NY. If the trip is longer than 2 days then I require a per diem for food. I’m willing to compromise depending on the event.


Fan Girl Friday Features

Fan Girl Friday

What Is Fan Girl Friday: Tessa Smith is a huge geek, gamer, nerd! She has a few comic book tattoos, a comic book collection, every video game system you can think of, a Funko Pop Collection, and many other geeky items. On Fridays she likes to feature items that she “Fan Girls” over.

What items am I looking for: Anything that can be related to being a geek, nerd, or gamer! These items could be related to video games, TV shows (think The Walking Dead, Gotham, Legion), movies, comic books, etc.

  • Games (video games, board games, card games)
  • Clothing
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Figures & Collectibles
  • Comic Books
  • Gaming Accessories (gaming chairs, video game controllers)

What does your company/product get: Exposure! Many of my readers are geeks and gamers just like me! They know that each Friday I feature a geeky item and so they look for it. Not only do I post a full review on my blog, but I share that review & photos on all forms of social media AT LEAST once each (usually several times on Instagram Stories and Snapchat).


Various Gift Guides

To be included in a Two Blogs Fun Guide, we require a product of $50 or more value to keep. You must request the guide that you’d like to be included in or we will choose the guide that we feel is the best fit. Each guide is shared across two blogs: Women and Their Pretties and Mama’s Geeky. This means double the traffic. We have over 100k monthly views and over 250k social reach between the two of us. You can send products to both bloggers, which is recommended (but not required) for more exposure, as we will both share the items with our readers, giving you two different perspectives. Multiple items are required to be featured in separate guides, but must meet the minimum value.

Items sent to be featured in a guide will include: a simple listing in the guide or a full-page review, photos, social media promotion, and a feature in the guide on both blogs. Items sent from the same company will be reviewed in one post unless otherwise stated by the blogger. It’s the blogger’s choice on whether or not to do a full-page review or only a listing. If you have a specific request, please let us know. The feature will have a short description, manufacturer photo, link to purchase, and link to our review(s) if applicable. Reviews for items in some guides will cost an additional $50, which will include all of the above, as well as a full-page review.

After the listing has been added to the guide: we will not update the guide with any new sales or changes to the products listed unless we made a mistake on our end. This confuses our readers and doesn’t do well with the guide’s formatting. The guides and listings will remain on our sites forever, even after the holiday ends. If you have an item listed in a previous guide and want it listed in a new one, we will need new products sent to us or a $50 listing fee per item.

If you’d like your item to be featured in a guide, without sending a full-size product, a $100 fee can be sent via PayPal to the blogger that you are working with. E-books, apps, and sample-size items will only be considered with a fee of $75. 

Fun Guides Contact Information
Tessa with Mama’s Geeky / Email: Tessa@MamasGeeky.com / Mama’s Geeky Media Kit
Joyce with Women and Their Pretties / Email: WomenandTheirPretties@yahoo.com / Women and Their Pretties Media Kit

Media Kit

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