Easy & Festive DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Easy & Festive DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

My family usually hosts Thanksgiving, and each year we try to find the perfect centerpiece for the table. This year we decided to let our daughters come up with an idea, and they hit the nail on the head! We went to a craft store and let them select all the Thanksgiving themed items they wanted to create it. This was so much fun (and super easy to make!). The best part? We can reuse most of it for the perfect Christmas centerpiece – stay tuned for that DIY!

thanksgiving centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

To create this centerpiece, start by putting the string lights and clear beads in the bowl. Make sure they are weaved throughout so that when you light it up, you can see the lights from every angle. Put your turkey in the center, and sprinkle in the confetti and any other festive items you wish to include.

The best part about this centerpiece is that it is totally customizable! You can use all sorts of different items, and could potentially use items you find around the house! My daughters loved putting this together and cannot wait to show it off to our whole family when we host Thanksgiving this year. When the holiday is over, simply pack the Thanksgiving themed items away in a bag for next year – and pull out the Christmas stuff!

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