Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Less Than 5 Minutes with Black + Decker PureOptics LED Lighting Kits!


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black and decker under cabinet lighting kit

My husband and I have been wanting to add under cabinet lighting in our kitchen for quite some time. Basically since we moved in. We have learned that updating our home every now and then can do wonders for it. Sometimes, it can even make a room feel like a whole new home! We had been told that under cabinet lighting can be a pain to install and requires all sorts of tools – but that is not true with Black + Decker PureOptics LED Lighting Kits! It took less than 15 minutes to install this lighting in our kitchen and we were THRILLED with the results!

black and decker LED under cabinet lighting installed kitchen island

Where to Install Them

The first thing we had to decide was where to put the lighting. We recently built a coffee bar and thought that might be a good spot, but upon looking further, we decided against it. We also considered installing it on our counter space. Ultimately, we determined that the best spot in our kitchen would be the center island. This is where our family gathers for breakfast, coffee talk, and even to play games. Turns out we were right about this being the best place for us to install them. But honestly, these can be installed just about anywhere – kitchen, office, dining room, bathroom – you name it!

black and decker installing under cabinet LED lighting

Easy Peel and Stick Install


Now that we knew where to install the under cabinet lights, we just had to put them up. I am not exaggerating when I say it took us approximately five minutes to do this. Black + Decker sent us a 5-bar LED lighting kit – warm white color (although these lights are also available in cool white and natural daylight). The bars are peel and stick, making them ridiculously easy to install. Simply line them up where you want them to go, peel and stick, and you are pretty much done! This kit came with a motion sensor switch which we decided to place in the middle of the island counter.

black and decker installing under cabinet LED lighting

Favorite Features

Something I really like about these under cabinet lights is that my daughters, who are only 5 and 6 years old, can easily turn them on and off themselves. They have ten brightness levels, and we went with the dead center – level 5. But this just shows that you can use them anywhere in your home. If you are looking for under cabinet lighting, this Black + Decker PureOptics LED kit is for you. Shop and save now at!

About PureOptics LED

Under Cabinet Lighting by PureOptics LED is a collection of sleek, linear light bars that provides maximum illumination at a minimum footprint. Lightweight and ranging from 9” to 24” in length, each compact bar can be installed free of tools or hardwiring, allowing for inimitable illumination using one or several linked light bars, practically anywhere. Boasting ten dimmable brightness levels and a motion sensor for remarkable hands-free use, this line of powerful, high lumen lighting offers unparalleled convenience in kitchens, bathrooms and more. Available in three color temperatures: natural daylight, cool white and warm white.


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