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Disney The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours Trailer #TheFinestHours #Disney

My husband used to be in the United States Navy so military movies (especially Navy and Coast Guard ones) are always favorites in our house. Anything that has to do with the ocean and boats, you can pretty much guarantee we are going to see it in the theater. And if it is a Disney movie – well – nothing can keep us away. We are a Disney Household all the way. My husband and I honeymooned there and my daughters who are 4 and 2 are going for their second time in October.

Disney Actor Paul Rudd Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

FanGirl Friday: Ant-Man {Paul Rudd} Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

I am counting the days until I get to see Ant-Man – just two weeks!! I have already heard so many rave reviews – and most of them from non-comic book readers. I would lie if I said I wasn’t a tad jealous of those that have already seen this film. My husband and I have already secured a date night for opening night and we can’t wait. We both read the comic books and knowing what hand Ant-Man has in many things – including the Avengers and something called the Dark Avengers – we are really hoping that Marvel steers that way. Dark Avengers would be, well, dark, so I am not sure they will go full blown, but we will have to wait and see. Ever since reading the Dark Avengers storyline, Scott Lang’s Ant-Man has been one of my favorite characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love Henry Pym, but Scott Lang truly brings something new to the suit – and I have a feeling Paul Rudd is going to capture that perfectly.

Disney Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out

Inside Out joins Disney Infinity 3.0

It is no secret that I am a huge gamer. One of my favorite ways to kill time is by popping in a good video game. My favorite game to spend hours on end playing is Disney Infinity. It is a great game to blow off steam to and just have fun with! There are two ways to play – play sets and the toy box. Play sets can be played with characters specific to them and they are like “normal” video games – you have a mission, you complete it, you (maybe) earn some kind of reward, game over. But the toy box, oh, the toy box, that is where your imagination can run wild! Throughout the play sets you can collect many things to use in your toy box. Here you can create your own world for any/all of your characters to play in (you can even use the 1.0 characters in a 2.0 toy box – and will be able to use both in the 3.0 toy boxes!!). Both of my daughters love the toy box. My 2.5 year old is a little young still, but she can find her way around a toy box that someone else has already built – no problem.

Disney Kyle MacLachlan

Sitting Down with Kyle MacLachlan #InsideOut

While in LA, I got the opportunity to sit down with the one and only Kyle Maclachlan. He is the voice of Dad in the new Disney/Pixar movie, Inside Out but you may also know him from Twin Peaks, Sex and the City, How I met Your Mother, and more recently, Agents of Shield. He is an incredible actor and his role in Inside Out is one of his top performances, in my opinion. I just love his character in the film – reminds me of my husband actually – total goofball! Several times his character had me tearing up as well – although I will not tell you when (no spoilers). If you have not yet seen Inside Out, stop reading this, run to the movies, and then come back and finish reading. It is that good – you need to go now!

Disney Teen Beach 2

Throw the Perfect Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party

Teen Beach 2 is a great movie to watch with friends and family. There is singing and elaborate dancing – it is so much fun. I think the best way to watch it when it airs this Friday (June 26th) would be to have some friends and family over and have a Summer “beach” party!  I am talking beach activities, food, and of course, enough room to get up and try to dance along! I know that I plan to have a few people over and will be throwing a beach blast of my own! It really is the best way to experience Teen Beach 2 – even if you haven’t seen the first one (although, you still have time!).

Crafts nail art

Inside Out Nail Art & More! #InsideOutEvent

OK everyone – TODAY IS THE DAY! Inside Out is in theaters everywhere and you need to go see this. It is a must-see summer movie that kids and adults are sure to love. I just got back from seeing it with my daughters, my husband, and my mom. We all laughed, and a few us shed some tears (guilty!). In order to celebrate this JOYful day – I have a few fun (and FREE) printables for you to download.

Disney Inside Out

Inside Out is a Must See Family Movie of the Summer | #InsideOutEvent

Unless you are living under a rock than you have heard of the latest Disney/Pixar movie – Inside Out. Well, I was lucky enough to attend the World Premiere in Hollywood earlier this month (read about my red carpet experience here) and all I can say is WOW! This movie sure is emotional. I was bawling within the first few minutes of the movie (actually before the movie if you count the short that plays before it, Lava).

Disney Inside Out Prodcuts

Get Your Inside Out Products While You Can


Let me start off by saying get your Inside Out toys and products NOW. This movie is going to be as big as Frozen (if not bigger) in my opinion. Think back to when Frozen came out – it was impossible to get any Frozen items. I remember having to resort to paying a lot more than I wanted to on websites for items just to please my daughters. I don’t want to relive that again, and I don’t think you do either. I have put together some of my favorite items from Disney Consumer Products featuring the emotions (and Bing Bong!) from Inside Out. I suggest looking through it all, deciding what you want to purchase, and doing it TODAY – remember, Inside Out comes to theaters everywhere TOMORROW. And once everyone sees it, they are going to want all of these amazing products!

Disney inside out

What goes into making an animated movie? #InsideOutEvent

I have always wondered how much work goes into making an animated movie. So when I saw this clip where the cast of Inside Out explained it, I was thrilled! I always knew little animated people drew the animations – thanks for confirming it Mindy Kaling! This short video is hilarious – it really makes me even more confident that the movie voices were perfectly cast!

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