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Disclosure: Mama Smith received an all expense paid trip from Disney/Pixar to attend this event. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.

Chrissie Fit & Jordan Fisher

While in LA recently, I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Chrissie Fit and Jordan Fisher from Teen Beach 2. They play CheeChee and Seacat in the movie, and provide a lot of the comic relief in it. As you know, I also took a dance lesson from them (read about that here) but one of my favorite parts of that day was talking with Chrissie and Jordan. They are both so down to Earth and fun to be around – I felt like I was hanging out with a couple of good friends. I had just seen Teen Beach 2 so it was interesting to talk with them about it. There were a lot of good questions from my fellow bloggers – and I even got to ask one as well. Below is a video of Jordan & Chrissie answering the question “What kind of advice [do]you have for an aspiring Musician, Artist, Dancer?

Both Chrissie and Jordan are very well spoken and full of great advice, as you can see. Chrissie explained to us how she is not a professional dancer (although she says Teen Beach 2 makes her look like one – haha!). She was a singer who became an actress – with no dance background. Boy does she fool us in the movie! Both Chrissie and Jordan discussed how they got in to the arts – and funny enough, their stories were very similar. Both of them had crushes on someone that was in to the arts and so they joined, hoping to fall in love. They both fell in love – both with the arts, not with their crushes. We sure lucked out that they had those crushes because now we get to watch them do what they are good at.


Photo Credit: Disney XD/Valerie Macon

In Teen Beach 2, Chrissie wears a hair piece as CheeChee. She performs a song with Jordan (which is stuck in my head all the time by the way) and the dance moves were too elaborate for her own hair. She told us that it was a lot better for her hair, but that if there is a Teen Beach 3 she will go back to using her regular hair. She felt like the piece would slide all over the place and it was a lot more maintenance than just using her own hair. Chrissie was actually filming another movie for a lot of the conditioning time so she missed a lot of dance practice. She says that is why CheeChee hides in the back for a lot of the dance numbers (I will pay more attention to this next time I watch the movie).


Photo Credit: Disney XD/Valerie Macon

One of the things that I found most interesting is how open the set of Teen Beach 2 was. Jordan and Chrissie both explained how if any one of the actors or dancers had a problem with a costume or certain dance moves, they could speak up and something would be changed. The surfers have it much easier than the bikers when it comes to costumes. Keep in mind, they were on an island, dancing in the sand, in the heat. That cannot be as much fun as it looks on film. Chrissie mentioned: “I initially had to dance in that outfit that had the corset. And you know I was like, “I don’t, I don’t know if I feel comfortable dancing with this? So right away it was just like, Alright let’s figure something out and we got a new outfit where I felt really comfortable.


Photo Credit: Disney XD/Valerie Macon

I could tell from talking with Chrissie and Jordan that a lot of good times were had on the set of Teen Beach 2. They talked about a rap game that John DeLuca made up. The point of the game was to keep rapping as long as you can. For example “It’s like the tree without the branch. It’s like the olive without the sand.” Chrissie said she wasn’t very good at it but that several others were amazing – that it was like they got a “new persona”. One of Chrissie’s favorite moments on set (that she captured on video actually) is Jordan singing Stay With Me by Same Smith and Ross Lynch playing the guitar. She calls it “beautiful, and so gorgeous” as well as “gloriousness”. Chrissie and Jordan both really like the messages and lessons that Teen Beach 2 gives to the people watching it. These messages are the biggest take away from my interview with them. As Chrissie said:

“There’s many wonderful messages in this movie you know. I’m big about female empowerment and you know in this – we’re seeing these two girls Mac and Lela have an actual friendship and not compete against each other for something. I feel that’s really important for our young girls to see and that there are healthy friendships and relationships. They both help each other figure out you know um uh things that, that, that they might have felt insecure about, which is also the thing for kids you know. So aside from all of like the great you know musical numbers and the dancing and all that stuff I feel that this is a great movie for kids because it just shows you how important friendship is and it shows you like healthy and positive friendships with females. It also like uh you know totally to believe in yourself.”


Photo Credit: Disney XD/Valerie Macon

Tune in to Teen Beach 2 on June 26th at 8pm EST on the Disney Channel.
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  1. Tessa, I LOVE this post! I love how you fit all the best from this interview into one post. These two were so sweet and you said it perfectly: it was like chatting with friends. :)
  2. Great interview! I must admit I don't have the Disney Channel, I don't this seems like a great program. I loved that she really had a positive message for teens about education and to give everything you do 100%, this is something we should all live by. It looks like you had a grand time in LA and loved to see all of your pictures.
  3. What an awesome afternoon you must have had! I have a daughter who is OBSESSED with this movie...she loved the videos! We can't wait for the 2nd one to come out. I have to admit, I got into the movie last summer and am excited to see the sequel myself! Looks like the whole crowd had a FAB time as well!
  4. LOVE Teen Beach! I've always wondered if the actors get along behind the scenes and in your review it really seems like they are a small family! That's great :)
  5. Thank you for posting this interview! I have been seeing previews for the movies a lot while watching Disney Junior with the little ones and wasn't sure if it was something for my 10 year old. I appreciate how open they were about their lives and the art they do as I feel various arts is one of the most important things you can do in your life (I was in the band), I think this will be a good movie for my older one.
  6. Love this! She is super sweet and I am so happy that you had such an awesome experience. Teen Beach 2 looks pretty fun. I love that this movie conveys female empowerment. It's so important for girls to start teaming up, rather than competing, early on. Great post girl. You're a really good writer :)
  7. What an awesome experience for you! I have to say I am not familiar with the movie at all. We don't get the Disney Channel, although i would like to. I also don't have any teens or preteens in the house now. So i am out of the loop with stuff like this! Sure looks and sounds like you had a great day though!
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