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Disney D23 Animation Panel

Pixar & Disney Animation Studios Reveal Details of Upcoming Films at #D23Expo | #Moana

One of my favorite panels at D23 was the Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Upcoming Films (Hosted by John Lasseter) panel. From the moment the list was released, I know this would be one of my favorites. John Lasseter, chief executive officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Stuidos, is amazingly talented and I was itching to watch him speak about the work being done. There are so many animated movies that I am looking forward to like Finding Dory, Toy Story 4, and Moana. I had no idea the amount of cast members that would show up on stage – and the amount of tears that I would be wiping away while watching the trailers and sneak peaks. Being in this room was electric. The energy was contagious. There is no other way to put it.

Disney star wars comes to disney

EPIC Theme Park Announcements From #D23Expo | #StarWars #ToyStory

I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of the most anticipated panels at the D23 Expo this weekend – the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts panel. There was so much news that my mind was racing. From Star Wars to Toy Story, the park expansions across the world are going to be incredible. Get ready to have your mind blown.


#D23Expo Twitter Party! | #TwitterParty | #Disney Prizes

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there were 25 AMAZING BLOGGERS who were invited to attend the #D23Expo and to Celebrate 60 years of Disney Magic at Disneyland. These bloggers were elated for weeks choosing their costumes, doing “research” for the event, and packing every Disney T-shirt they own. They were so ecstatic about the D23 Expo that they felt the need to share their excitement with the world – born from this excitement is the D23EXPO TWITTER PARTY!

Disney Playmation

FanGirl Friday: Active Gaming for Kids | #Playmation #BodaBorg #FanGirlFriday

If you have ever looked at my website before than you should know I am a pretty big gamer. I love all forms of gaming and so do my girls (like mother, like daughters, right?). One thing that you lose with most gaming is being active. Sure there are interactive games using the Wii and XBOX Kinect but you still have to be in front of a screen while playing. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with gaming like this for kids – it should just be spaced out in my opinion. They shouldn’t be sitting in front of the TV all day and night. Of course, they could use their imaginations and run around playing with friends or siblings but there are other fun and active options too! That is why I think Active Gaming for kids is super important. Read about a couple of options that are coming soon below.


Dreams Do Come True: I’m Heading to the #D23Expo & #Disneyland60 Celebration! #FanGirlFriday

I have loved everything Disney ever since I was a little girl. For me, the magic never ended. This October I am heading to Disney World for the 15th time and I cannot wait. My husband says that the second we cross under that arch, I turn into a 5 year old again. My eyes tear up and I have the biggest smile on my face. I have no problem waiting in line for hours to meet my favorite characters and I love chatting with them. It truly is the most magical place on Earth for me and I am counting the days (71!!) to take my daughters for their second time. However, I have always wanted to go to Disneyland – to see where Walt walked, to see where it all started – it has just never been in the cards for me. Until now.


Watch Pixar’s Short Film LAVA FREE Today | #InsideOutEvent #Lava

We have all come to know and love Disney Pixar’s shorts. LAVA, which is in theaters know playing before Inside Out, was no exception. I went to see this movie with my mom, my two young daughters, and my husband. All of us loved LAVA just about as much as we loved Inside Out! I had looked over at my mom at one point and she had tears in her eyes. If you have fallen in love with this short as much as I have you will be thrilled to hear that you can watch it right now!

Disney Star Wars

Disney Store to Unveil All New Product Collections at #D23Expo 2015

I already could not wait to go to D23 next month and then I read about the new collections that the Disney Store will be featuring there. I told myself well I can’t spend too much money because I have to fly back – and then I heard that USPS will be on hand to ship items back to your home for you. Well, guess I will be spending a ton of money there, but hey, that’s OK. I am a collector by nature. I have many different collections and I cannot wait to add to them at D23! Read all about it below.

Disney D23

Get a Sneak Peek at The Walt Disney Studios’ Upcoming Film Slate at #D23EXPO 2015 | #Disney

So I just opened up my email, saw this press release sitting there, and decided I had to tell you guys about it immediately. I have read it over about 20 times and I am still so excited! I am not sure what panels and events I will be at for sure, however, I promise you I will be sharing some amazing information and photos with you over D23 weekend! And beforehand… and afterwards. I cannot wait to attend – and remember – if you are local or will be in the Anaheim, CA are August 14-16 than you can come too! Click here to find out more and to purchase your tickets while you still can.


ABC Family Stars to Meet Fans At #D23Expo 2015 + Exclusive #D23 Pin Sets! #Disney

Fans can meet their favorite ABC Family stars and collect exclusive pin sets at D23 EXPO 2015, the ultimate Disney fan event, August 14-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. I am so excited to go to D23 next month and this makes me even more excited! I love ABC TV! ABC Family will give away exclusive pin sets each day at the Disney | ABC TV Pavilion booth, from their much anticipated new series “Shadowhunters” on Friday, August 14, from the network’s hit series “Pretty Little Liars” on Saturday, August 15 and from the network’s annual event 25 Days of Christmas on Sunday, August 16.

Disney Top 10 Cosplay Costumes

Top 10 Female #Cosplay Costumes to Wear to #D23Expo | #Disney #Cosplay #DisneyCosplay

As you may already know, I was selected to attend the D23 Expo with 24 other amazing bloggers next month and I am beyond excited! From the second I found out I was going, I started thinking costumes! I have always wanted to cosplay at a con and this is my chance. So many thoughts were running through my head. I love Disney, Marvel, & Star Wars equally so what is a girl to choose? Well, there are three days which means three costumes, which means one for each. That is the current plan, however, I cannot say for sure what I will decide on. I am not crafty when it comes to clothing at all. I once made myself a Rogue costume and it was, well, it wasn’t pretty. So if you are not crafty at all and need some cosplay ideas, you have come to the right place. Since I have been researching all week, you get to reap the benefits! Below are my top 10 costumes and where to find them!

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