Dancing Along to Teen Beach 2


Disclosure: Mama Smith received an all expense paid trip from Disney/Pixar to attend this event. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.


Photo Credit: Disney XD/Valerie Macon

Teen Beach Movie is one of my family’s favorite movies to watch together. My young daughters love dancing and singing along to all of the songs. I was lucky enough to be invited to LA to see Teen Beach 2 before it airs on the Disney Channel (it is also available on DVD the same day – June 26, 2015). I must say that the actors and dancers have really stepped it up this film and my toes were tapping the entire time. If you were impressed with the moves in the first one, you will be blown away by Teen Beach 2. I know I was. One of my favorite dance sequences was during “Gotta Be Me” but little did I know that just a half hour later, I would be learning those moves from two of the stars of the movie – Chrissie Fit “CheeChee” and Jordan Fisher “Seacat”. Watch the clip from Teen Beach 2 below and you will see what I am talking about.

OK, so at least they didn’t try to teach us the entire dance. I think that would have taken a lot longer than the twenty minutes we spent with them (like months). But we did learn the dance steps to “March to the beat. I march to the beat gonna do my thing.” See below for the moves.

Arms: (Lf elbow-body down)      (rt elbow up)         (lf elbow up)             (rt elbow down)
March           to           the             beat
Feet: right left                   right left             right left                    right left   (1/4 turn to rt )

Arms: (lf arm pulls forward-arms together on 2-3 out to the side as turning back forward)
I        march       to        the           beat
Feet: (rt left rt-step back on rt then lft on 3rd ¼ turn forward)

Arms: (Arms out as fingers point down at toes for 4 counts-pose)
Gotta do my thing
Feet: (hop/slide to the left-then pose)

Credit: Gayle Turner

The entire experience was amazing. I am not a dancer by any means, but Chrissie and Jordan are awesome teachers. They were cracking jokes and made us all laugh and feel very comfortable. I suddenly didn’t care if I was going to make an idiot out of myself, I wanted to have fun! They had us switch rows every few minutes so that no one could hide in the back of the room either, which was a great idea. I actually got the moves down and have since taught my young daughters the dance. It took them only one run through to get it, which made me feel a little silly but also really proud. They are only 2 and 4 but they are really looking forward to watching Teen Beach 2. My daughters love to dance and I am excited for them to be able to watch a new movie and learn those new dance moves. They are always eager to learn. As I showed them photos, my 4 year old said “Another beach one! Yay! When can I watch it?”.

Photo Credit: Disney XD/Valerie Macon

Teen Beach 2 is such a great family movie that instills some pretty amazing values in young girls so I cannot wait to share it with my daughters. I will have a full review on it soon, so be sure to check back for it. The dancing itself is incredible to watch – and the story line is captivating.  Before our dance lesson, we got to chat with them about the movie. So look for a post on that soon as well. Overall, the entire experience with Chrissie Fit and Jordan Fisher was a blast! I felt like I was hanging out with a couple of good friends. They are so nice and welcoming. I really feel like they had just as much fun with us as we did with them!


Photo Credit: Disney XD/Valerie Macon

Tune in to Teen Beach 2 on June 26th at 8pm EST on the Disney Channel.
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  1. I just showed my kids your pics and blog post. LOL, they say: So, NOT fair! They want to go see them. My daughter is crushing madly on Ross Lynch. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Great post! I still don't quite have the dance down yet! I cannot even imagine if they attempted teaching anything harder! They were really awesome though. It was so much fun!
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