My Spy’s Chloe Coleman Interview: A Swear Jar, Dave Bautista, & More


My Spy hits Amazon Prime on June 26th and I interviewed co-star Chloe Coleman about her experience with the movie. Get all the inside info here!

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My Spy is coming to Amazon Prime Video on June 26th and trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss this one! It is a super fun movie that is great for the whole family! Recently, my daughter and I participated in a virtual round table interview with one of the stars of the film, Chloe Coleman. 

We talk about all sorts of things and learned a lot of fun facts about Chloe, the film, and working with Dave Bautista! If you missed my My Spy movie review, be sure to check it out!

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Becoming A Spy

Fun fact, Chloe grew up loving spy movies. She even used to do a bunch of art where she would draw spy gadgets! So landing this role must have been like a dream come true for her. In the movie her character, Sophie, learns a lot of spy techniques from JJ, played by Dave Bautista. If she could choose any of them what would it be? She would actually go with something Sophie didn’t have to learn from JJ and that is to be manipulative. 

“The way that she blackmails JJ is so smart. She gets her way all the time with him because she has information that she can just expose. If I was able to do that, that would be pretty cool.” – Chloe

Chloe… girl… me too. I am too nice to be manipulative like that. But think of all the possibilities if I could!

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Working With Dave Bautista

Chloe talked a lot about working with Dave Bautista and how they really had a connection. In fact, she considers him a friend for life.

“First meeting him I was a bit intimiated. After we talked I really got to know him. He is not as intimidating as you think. He’s such a sweet person. I mean, he’s a lifelong friend. I am so grateful that we met each other. We relate to each other so much.” – Chloe

I have met and interviewed Dave several times and I can totally vouch for the fact that he is one of the nicest and down to Earth guys you will ever meet. 

“Dave is so easy to connect with. When we had our chemistry read is when we really clicked and I will always remember that. When we filmed it was so real, and I was really able to be in the moment and feel what I had to feel. The emotional moments felt very real to me.” – Chloe

Chloe added that Dave is an amazing actor — but had to throw in that here and there he doesn’t know all of his lines. But he is real and commits to the scene, which she loves about him. 

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Chloe Coleman and Peter Segal behind the scenes on the set of MY SPY.

A Swear Jar On Set

When asked what the funniest thing to happen on set was, Chloe immediately thought about the swear jar they had. Apparently the director Peter Segal, has a potty mouth. Even when he thought he was getting away with saying a bad word, he wasn’t.

“I don’t know how he didn’t learn from the experience because I would sneak up on him. And every time, it would happen so much, I would catch him swearing. I would be like ‘Swear jar. You have to pay.’ and he would just get so upset but he just never learned from it. It was so funny because I kept getting him over and over again.” – Chloe

Don’t worry though, no lines that were in the script counted, because that wouldn’t be fair would it? And what did Chloe do with the swear jar money? She raised $256 but rounded it up to $500 herself, and donated it to the Amazon Rainforest. I love that. 

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The Explosion Scene

I don’t want to give you any major spoilers for this movie, but I will say there is a giant explosion at one point. It looks pretty real, but turns out, it was all CGI! Still, Chloe has to get in the mind set that this was real. This was her first film doing big stunts like this, and she said she loved it!

Oh, and keep your ears open for one of my favorite lines in the film here. Chloe said they weren’t even supposed to use that line, but they put it in there. I am so glad they did! And no, she didn’t need to add any money to the swear jar for that one.

Watch my full interview with Chloe Coleman below.

About My Spy

Nine-year-old Sophie catches JJ, a hardened CIA operative, spying on her family during a routine surveillance operation. In exchange for not blowing his cover, JJ begrudgingly agrees to show the precocious girl how to become a spy. What at first seems like an easy task soon turns into a battle of wits as Sophie proves you don’t need much experience to outsmart a seasoned agent.

My Spy comes to Amazon Prime Video June 26th!

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