Dave Bautista Opens Up About His Struggle & the Set of the Avengers


Dave Bautista Opens Up About His Struggle & the Set of the Avengers

Dave Bautista is one of the nicest guys that you could ever meet. He was hilarious in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, and I promise you he is even funnier in the second one. The character development was everything I could have asked for and I hope we see more of him and his history in Volume 3. Talking with Dave for a second time was eye opening, and I have to admit, I really felt for him at moments.

Mantis and Drax

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2..L to R: Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Not Drax the Destroyer

The first question we asked Dave was what he first thought of the script. Drax became more of a prominent role in volume 2 (which was great) but Dave’s response surprised us all. Dave must enjoy the comics like I do because when we asked him what he thought about the script the first time he read it, he warned us we were not going to like the answer.

He was hoping that James Gunn was going to take Drax down the Drax the Destroyer route and make him more like the comic books, but instead James focused more on the humor side of Drax from Volume 1. I have to admit that I do enjoy the comic book version of Drax, however, humorous Drax really works well for the film.

When I first read the script, I wasn’t crazy about it. When I get a script I go over my dialogue first. So, I read over my dialogue and for one I was expecting them to go a different direction with Drax. I thought he was gonna be more of the destroyer. I thought he was gonna be a more comic book Drax and then I realized they were digging more into the funny bits. And I don’t find myself funny at all, so when I was reading these lines I was [thinking]they’re not funny. [Then] I read the [whole]script, and I thought, wow, this is really a great script. It’s deep. It’s emotional, but I still was a little bit disappointed about my part. And then the first day we did our table read, I realized it was hysterical.

Dave Bautista/Drax Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Photo Credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

Thoughts After Watching Volume 2

Since Dave seemed to initially not be too thrilled about the movie, we wanted to know how he felt after seeing it all put together. If he could understand how hilarious he was and he great a role Drax is.

I think it’s beautiful. I like it better than the first film. It’s weird. The more and more we get into film, the more I am sucked into it and there’s certain beats I just sniffle up and I get so emotionally invested in this film. I felt that the first one was fun and exciting and some parts were very emotional, but not like this one. I felt like I was just totally absorbed in this film.

Dave Bautista/Drax Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Photo Credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

Dave’s Struggle

I know I mentioned it in my on set interview with Dave, but the idea of him can be a little intimidating. Not sure much Dave himself, as Drax. He is a big guy – but he couldn’t be more opposite of what you might expect. He is very sweet, soft spoken, and humble. I cannot say enough about how great he is. Something that really touched me was when Dave talked about how self conscious he is.

The fact that he literally has a hard time watching himself made me sad. He is a brilliant actor and I hope he realizes that.

As far as watching me on film, I just cringe. I don’t like watching myself on film. It’s uncomfortable. Last night at the premiere, every time I was on the screen and I knew I was gonna say something I just kinda put my head down and just try to get through it. I am still judging myself.

Awwww…right guys? I just want to wrap him in a big hug and tell him how great he is. I know people personally who struggle with the same sort of things and it is so heartbreaking sometimes. Even his mannerisms stood out to me as someone who is often uncomfortable in large groups.

We were filming and we watched playbacks, everybody knows that I don’t like them. They [would]call Zoe, call Chris to watch the playbacks. They don’t call me to watch playbacks, because they know I won’t sit there and watch it. Drax is definitely not who I am. He’s big and boisterous and a little bit egotistical and proud. And I’m not that. I’m much more self-conscious and understated.

Dave Bautista/Drax Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Photo Credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

Romance for Drax?

In Volume 1 Drax spoke a bit about his wife, his great love, and he does the same in Volume 2. I asked Dave if he would want to see Drax ever fall in love again, and his response was just what I wanted to hear. 

No. If I can have input on it, I would say no, because it’s the root of who Drax is. Drax lives for his heartbreak. You know, he’s just too heartbreaking. I don’t think he’ll ever have a romantic connection with anyone.

Mantis and Drax

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2..L to R: Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Drax (Dave Bautista)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Drax’s Future

We asked Dave where he would like to see in store for Drax in the future. I must say, his response had me really excited for what might come. I hope James Gunn listens to him because I think fans would really like to see the same thing.

What I’d really love is for people to have a visual – I’d love if they would actually show Drax’s family. [Or] some of the race of beings that he comes from. I’d like to see more people with different tattoos and that race of people. But I’d really think it would be great if the audience could just have a visual of Drax’s family.

Dave Bautista/Drax Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Photo Credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

The Avengers

While chatting about how long the cast has been together, Dave casually mentioned them all being in the upcoming Avengers film. Of course, we all jumped on that and tried to get him to tell us something – anything – about the movie.

I would love the spill the beans. I can tell you that we’re in the Avengers. But my fear going into the Avengers was that they were gonna try to make us into characters that we weren’t. [That] they were gonna take their [idea]of the Guardians and try to go with that and not let us be James Gunn’s Guardians. It was completely opposite. For one, James did a lot of the writing for us. And also when we showed up, the Russo brothers were just so encouraging of us being our characters. We have a certain way of doing things. I mean we’ve done two films – we just bounce off each other. Chris hardly ever says anything that’s actually on page. He says it a bunch of different times and a bunch of different ways. That’s just the way we do things. We bounce and we’re very flexible. And they were very encouraging of letting us do things our way – not only that, but they really liked it; they really appreciated it. They kinda let us be ourselves, man. It was great.

Mama Smith and Dave Bautista Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

My Moment with Dave

During the interview Dave got a little distracted by my Guardians of the Galaxy tattoo (you can hear him gasp on the audio – and no of course I don’t listen to it over and over). He had actually retweeted it on Twitter before we met so I was really excited to show him the progress in person.

After the whole interview was over, we got to chat for a moment and he got to see it up close. I was even lucky enough to get a picture with him. We joked that it was our prom pose, but honestly the photo came out great. I am a big fan of how Dave portrays Drax so it was such an honor to get that moment with him.

Mom Bloggers with Dave Bautista - Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Interview

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    • Haha, thank you! Yea it is pretty cool that we have talked on Twitter a few times! He is such a sweetheart and I felt so bad for him when he opened up about that. I really appreciated him being so honest with us!
  1. Oh wow, can I just sit here and be envious? He really is a lot bigger than I realized. I bet it was memorable to meet him and have your photo made with him.
  2. Michelle Waller on
    This sounds like an amazing interview. He has to be one of my favorite celebrities because he is so open, honest and sweet. I can't wait to see him in the new GOTGV2
  3. You look SO CUTE with him!!! I can't lie I am SUPER jealous! I would love to have been a part of some of these interviews! My husband and I (along with our kids) get to go to an early viewing of the movie tomorrow and I can NOT WAIT!!
  4. Rebecca Swenor on
    It sounds like you had an amazing time at this event Dave Bautista sounds amazing indeed and I can't wait to see him in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. This is something we can't wait to see. We loved the first one and I know we will love this one too. Thanks for sharing a great interview.
  5. Claudia Krusch on
    This is a fantastic interview. I love the Drax character in the movie. I will have to check out the comic book version. I am so excited to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
  6. I love to think about what celebrities might be like in real life. Are they mean or intimidating like their characters or more down to earth? How fun for you to be able to do this interview. We can't wait to watch this new movie.
  7. You'd be surprised how many guys like Dave are actually sweet, soft-spoken, and humble. I can understand how he'd be self conscious. That just tells you he's not vain like a lot of distasteful actors.
  8. Victoria Heckstall on
    What a fantastic experience of you, he looks like a hilarious man but sweet. Can';t wait to see that movie.
  9. I only know Bautista from wrestling. I've never seen him in a film so it's kinda weird (but in a good way) to read this and see him in a different light. Might have to go check out his films now
  10. I love reading these blogger press trip invites with Disney. So exciting you got to be up close and personal wit Dave Bautista!
  11. He sounds like a good person... being a humble person is a good thing to have in life. Glad it all worked out for him and the movie, challenges help us grow : ) I would like to see this movie soon!
  12. It's cool that you got to do an interview with someone in a franchise you have enough love for that you've got a tattoo of it - that connection can really make an interview great.

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