CAMP Provides Virtual Parties For Kids Missing Celebrations


Is your child missing a birthday or celebration with their friends and family due to social distancing? CAMP has you covered with creative virtual parties!

HELPSTERS CAMP virtual parties

With everything that is going on in the world right now, kids are missing out on some pretty big parts of their lives. Birthdays, graduations, goodbyes with friends. But CAMP wants to help kids still enjoy celebrations with their friends and family members, even if it has to be virtual.

Since my daughter was going to be turning nine during this mess, I was sad for her that she would not be able to have a traditional birthday party. But honestly, CAMP made her day more than special! In fact, I would consider doing a virtual party with them, even after all of this. It is a great way for those family and friends that live far away to connect and celebrate with one another! We all had a blast!

Helpsters virtual parties

HELPSTERS Virtual Parties

CAMP recently teamed up with HELPSTERS, the new amazing kids show on Apple TV+ from the creators of Sesame Street. The HELPSTERS themed celebrations are equal parts adorable and fun for both CAMPers and their parents, as our CAMPers are asked to help Cody the Helpster find the missing counselor for a fun dance party!

This is the party that we had for her birthday, and every one who was a part of it had a blast! The kids had to solve riddles, and search their homes for the answers. We helped escape the forest, drew with our eyes not looking at the paper, and we even had a dance party at the end! The councilor was amazing with the kids and making sure everyone got a chance to be on the highlighted screen. 

I highly recommend this party for young kids. But keep in mind, even my (almost) 9 year old loved it! If your child likes The Helpsters, they are sure to enjoy this virtual party. Plus, this CAMP is currently FREE! So take advantage, trust me!

helpsters virtual party

At the end, everyone made a silly face for a photo opp!

About CAMP Virtual Parties

CAMP has been hosting virtual celebrations via zoom since mid-March, and have seen such a positive response from our audience. It has been truly magical to bring our CAMPers some joy during this weird time.

Besides The Helpsters, there are many other party themes to choose from! If your child likes to tie dye or make slime, these are some great options! The party includes kits for up to 7 kids that will be shipped directly to their house! How amazing is that! 

Other great options include story time, magic shows, puppet shows, karate, and even a Frozen themed virtual party! Since kids cannot celebrate in person, this is the perfect way to do so. These parties are all done through Zoom, which is free to use. 

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