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Kids marvel rising secret warriors

3 Lessons Every Kid Can Learn From Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

I am a giant Marvel fan and I am totally raising my kids to be Marvel fans too. Recently I got a screener for Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors and just could not wait to share with with my girls. I have been reading the new Marvel Rising comic books which feature Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel, so I was really excited to see them in this movie. Plus, who doesn’t love America Chavez and Patriot?! Quake, actually voiced by Chloe Bennet, had me pretty darn excited too because I LOVE her in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Books disney hyperion books

Three New Disney Hyperion Books Every Family Needs (and Why!)

I have been reading to my daughters since they were in my womb. It is something I started while pregnant and have continued to do every single day and night. Now, my daughters read to me a lot of the time, which is bittersweet. Recently, Disney Hyperion sent us three of their new books, and these have all become fast favorites in our home. I think they are all books that every family should own – and here is why!

Books Dr. Suess Sam I Am Halloween Costume

This Dr. Seuss Halloween Costume Is Perfect For Your Young Reader!

Halloween is fast approaching and as I asked my daughters what they wanted to be, my oldest kept saying a character from a book. Imagine our surprise when we received an email offering us a Dr. Suess Halloween costume to check out. Well, my daughter was over the moon when it showed up because it was a character from one of her favorite books – Green Eggs and Ham! This costume is available only at Spirit Halloween, and here is why you should pick it up.

Disney pj masks

Kids Will Have a SUPER Time Watching PJ Masks: Mighty Moon Problems!

My daughters LOVE PJ Masks. In fact, my 5 year old picked all PJ Masks things for back to school – from her backpack, to lunch box, even her clothes! So when the latest PJ Masks DVD showed up on our doorstep, they both did a little dance. It went in to our DVD player immediately, and has now found a home in our minivan (so they can watch it wherever we go of course!). PJ Masks: Might Moon Problem includes six super fun episodes, that all fans of the show are sure to love!

Gaming stan lee's kids universe title

Playing Forward’s Stan Lee’s Kids Universe Is A Blast For Kids!

My girls and I love to game. OK, my husband does too. We are constantly checking out new games on all consoles – even mobile games. In fact, we love mobile games because we play them at restaurants or hotels when trying to pass the time. Each of my daughters have their own tablet and they get one hour of free play. Lately both of them have been choosing to play Stan Lee’s Kids Universe AR. They have so much fun exploring the world with Dex T-Rex!

FanGirl Friday nintendo switch go vacation

Mama’s Geeky Must Have Video Games Series: Go Vacation for Nintendo Switch

We are a family of gamers and one of our favorite consoles is the Nintendo Switch. We are always looking for new games to play on it as a family. When a complimentary copy of Go Vacation arrived, we were all immediately excited. Just by looking at the case we could tell that this was going to be a TON of fun! We popped it in and have been playing it almost every day since. We even took it on our recent vacation to Walt Disney World to pass the time in the hotel.

Kids Melissa and Doug Knight Dragon Battle

How to Create your own Renaissance Faire at Home!

Every summer we go to the local Renaissance Faire. It is something we look forward to all year long, but this year, we decided to keep the fun going by creating one at home. Here are a few things you can do to create your own Renaissance Faire at home.

Kids On the go fun with PLAYMOBIL

Easy On-the-Go Play with PLAYMOBIL Carry Cases

We travel a lot, and it is hard to keep the kids entertained while on-the-go. That is where PLAYMOBIL carry cases come in to the picture! These cases are the perfect size to take some fun toys along with us. They will easily fit in a backpack, suit case, or even in my young daughters’ hands! When we go to stay at a hotel, they each take a case with them – packed with PLAYMOBIL fun! 

Disney Back to School PJ Masks

Going Back to School PJ Masks Style with these Must Have Items!

My daughters, especially my 5 year old, love PJ Masks. In fact, for my daughter’s third birthday she had a PJ Masks themed party – complete with an adorable cake! It is because of their love for PJ Masks that I am proud to be a PJ Masks ambassador! PJ Masks airs on Disney Junior and is a show that I actually enjoy watching with my daughters too.

Kids banner-drynk-bts

Things That Will Make Back To School A Little Bit Easier | #BackToSchool

Back to school time is here! I love my kids but I am excited for them to get back to school. And I am sure most parents, and maybe some kids, feel the same way. I put together some things that just might make your life easier when the time comes. These will help your kids get ready to be back at school, and parents too. This guide includes affiliate links.

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