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Collectibles & Subscriptions PetBox

January’s PetBox

Khaleesi is always so excited to open up here PetBox when it comes to the door. I swear she recognizes that bright blue and just knows it is full of goodies for her – OK, I know dogs are color blind, but it is like she knows! You can get a PetBox for your dog OR cat at, and when you order, use the code MamaSmith to grab 10% off.

Collectibles & Subscriptions vegancuts

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

I love subscription boxes because I love surprises. There is nothing better than receiving a big box of goodies on your doorstep and getting to dig through it to see what is in there! And when it is a snack box? Even better. And when it is all healthy snacks?! Well, that just tops my list right there! And that is what you get with Vegan Cuts (and OMG yes they have a Beauty Box as well as the Snack Box!!).

Books Team Us

Team Us: Marriage Together Book #Giveaway

I love a good read. Especially one that will help you better yourself, and your marriage. No marriage is perfect, and mine has certainly had ups and downs – that is why I was so excited to read Team Us: Marriage Together by Ashleigh Slater. I flew through this book – I literally read it in two days – sharing a lot of it with my husband. I think this will be very beneficial to us, especially in the long run. I recommend it to anyone who is married – even if your marriage is “perfect” right now.

Entertainment Pound Puppies DVD

Pound Puppies: Puppy Love DVD

My daughters love to watch Pound Puppies. OK, I love to cuddle up with them and watch it too. The shows are actually pretty entertaining and they always have a good lesson to teach kids. The puppies are pretty cute too. I remember watching Pound Puppies when I was young, so it is really cool to see how much it has changed. On February 3rd, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Pound Puppies: Puppy Love will be available on DVD. This would make a great gift for any little one in your life!

Collectibles & Subscriptions

Fun & Crafts with Imaginative University!

I love doing crafts with my daughters. Especially ones that they learn things while doing them. I am always looking up things online, making shopping lists, and preparing fun activities to do. It is a long process, and can be kind of a pain sometimes, so that is why I was really excited to learn about Imaginative University!


Kocaso Tablet Review

I have a tablet but really, the kids have it. I had an unclear moment one day and put a game on it for my daughters. From that moment on it has become their tablet and theirs alone. If they ever seen me on it, they freak out. Some how it is now full of their games and apps and all my books were removed because they took up too much space. My husband and I had been talking about actually getting one for them so I can have mine back – so I was thrilled to be able to review the Kocaso Android 4.4 7inch Quad-Core MX780 tablet – which I think is perfect for kids!

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