Author: Ema Sasic

Ema Sasic

Ema Sasic is a journalist with The Desert Sun in Palm Springs where she covers entertainment and health. Her work has included interviews with filmmakers and Palm Springs film festival coverage. Additionally, she is a film critic and podcaster for Next Best Picture, an emerging voice in the awards season race, and she is a member of the Hollywood Critics Association. If she’s not writing about a film, Ema can be found in a movie theater checking out the latest releases. She also enjoys attending film festivals, in person or virtually.

The Justice of Bunny King provides a rich character study courtesy of Davis’ wonderful performance and a mostly solid script. Bunny King is many things. To those who view her on the streets, she’s just another homeless person who doesn’t want to get a real job. To some of those closest to her, they view her as a mentally unstable person who should be considered a danger. But at the core of this complicated woman is a mother who wants nothing more than to regain custody of her two children and throw her daughter a birthday party, no matter what…

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