Back To The Future: Back In Time Review: Fans Will Love It


Back To the Future: Back In Time is a strategy cooperative game from Funko Games that will have the whole family working together! Thanks Funko for sending this for us to check out! All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

back to the future back in time game

At least once a week my family of four has a game night. This is something we have done for years with no end in sight. It is perfect for bonding and enjoying each other’s company. We play all types of games, but are always looking for new ones to add to our game cabinet. My favorite type of game is cooperative games because I enjoy working together rather than against each other. 

Funko Games sent me Back To The Future: Back In Time and I thought what better way to introduce my kids to the movie! So we made a whole day of it — watching Back To The Future and then playing the game afterwards. My girls loved it, of course, and it really helped them understand the goals of the game.

You can certainly play if you haven’t seen the movie, but I think it is more fun to have seen it before. Thanks to some really fantastic instructions, the game is easy to jump into. 

back to the future back in time game review

Funko Got It Right

Back To The Future is one of my husband’s favorite movies of all time. He has it memorized he has watched it so much. Honestly, this made me nervous about the game. Would he not enjoy it or nitpick certain things about it? Luckily it was quite the opposite! He has nothing but positive things to say about this game. Funko got this one right guys. If you are a fan of Back To The Future you are certainly going to love Back To The Future: Back In Time.

Every last detail of this game is perfect. The goal is to get back to 1985 and you need three things to happen before you can do that. You need to fix the DeLorean, make George and Lorraine fall in love, and get the DeLorean to the starting position. And this needs to all happen when the clock strikes 10:04pm. All of which make perfect sense if you have seen the movie.

I personally love the added touch that the game ends at 10:04pm, not if you have accomplished these things ahead of time. Players must play until the clock strikes. What could stop you? Why Biff of course! Between him trying to get George and Lorraine to fall out of love, and the Trouble cards that send his gang to meddle with your gameplay, this game is harder than you might think.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunity cards and powers to pick up along the way to help you out. You can play as Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jennifer Parker, or Einstein — and each character has their own special power.

back to the future back in time game review

Cooperative Gaming For The Win

If you have read my gaming reviews before, you know I talk about cooperative gaming a lot. I much prefer to work together with my family towards a common goal than against each other. This is probably because they have a habit of teaming up against me, but still. 

This game not only has everyone working to go back to the future, you can help each other out along the way. Either by using your special powers or by being in the same spot. We didn’t realize just how important helping each other out would be until we got about halfway through the game.

As the time was ticking away we had to start cooperating more. Strategically landing on the same spot so we could use our Power cards during other turns ended up pushing us in the right direction! So that is something to really think about when playing!

back to the future back in time game review

About Back To The Future: Back In Time

Prepare for a DeLorean-fueled race against time to prevent Marty McFly’s future from fading away! Players take on the roles of major characters from the blockbuster movie that launched the time traveling trilogy and helped define the 1980s.

Players work together to defeat Biff and his trouble-making gang while ensuring Marty’s parents fall in love and the DeLorean accelerates to 88 mph in time to blast Back to the Future. Filled with cinematic touchstones and fun strategic choices, this is the game fans have been waiting for!

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