Infinity Train: Book One Review & Printable Coloring Page


Infinity Train is from the creator of Regular Show and it is more than worth a watch. Strange and fun are two words that really describe this show!

infinity train book one

My family loved Regular Show. We would sit down and watch new episodes together and laugh and laugh. So when I discovered that the show creator came up with another show, I could not wait to watch it. Infinity Train: Book One exceeded all of my expectations.

Infinity Train: Book One Review

In this show, Tulip is trying to get to coding camp and ends up on a train, searching for a way off. I was immediately hooked and eager to find out if Tulip would ever get home. But I was also enjoying her journey along the way!

While on the train she comes across all sorts of weird and different characters, and each adventure is just as good as the last, if not better. A mysterious number shows up on her hand and starts counting down. But she has no clue what that number means. Could it be her death? Could it be her escape? We don’t know.

infinity train

Book One is available now on DVD and Digital and it is more than worth a watch! I was given a digital copy and my daughters and I watched the entire season in one sitting! I was really excited to hear that there is a Book Two, and I cannot wait to start watching that with my girls!

Infinity Train: Book One is insanely fun, and left me begging for more!

Infinity Train Coloring Page

I cannot even tell you how much coloring has been going on in our house the last month, because it is more than I can count. Myself and my daughters have been coloring up a storm (and loving it!). So if you are looking for something else to add to your coloring collection, here is a free printable Infinity Train: Book One coloring page! Enjoy!

infinity train coloring page

About Infinity Train: Book One

Following on the success of “Regular Show”, Cartoon Network show creator Owen Dennis introduces a new animated series highlighting the adventures of a preteen and her robot companion. Tulip Owens is a 13-year-old girl who aspires to become a computer game programmer but finds herself trapped on a train one day and is looking for a way out.

She meets a robot called One-One, which consists of two spherical robots containing contrasting personalities that can combine into the shape of a basketball. Together they search the train, meeting a cast of strange characters along the way and hoping to find clues that will help Tulip find her way home.

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