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Super Easy and Creative Way to Display Christmas Cards

Looking for a creative way to display your Christmas cards this year? I have you covered!

christmas card display

If you are like me you love getting holiday cards from friends and family — but struggle with how and where to display them. This year we did something a little different and everyone who has been visiting is raving about it! That is why I decided to share this easy and creative way to display Christmas cards with you!

A lot of friends and family send nice cards with family photos. If you wish to keep and display them year to year, this is a fun way to do it as well. Perhaps with a larger tree ass you collect more and more cards. This is a great way to look back and see how friends and family have grown over the years.

What You Need

  • small artificial tree (no lights)
  • clothespins

Seriously. That is all you need. I told you this would be easy (and look really fun and festive at the same time.

christmas card display

How To Display Your Christmas Cards

This is mind blowingly easy — and it looks nice and festive! All you do is use a clothespin to pin your card to the tree. That’s it! You could even do this on a large tree if you have enough cards or wish to reuse cards from past years. 

The size of the clothespins does not matter, they can be the small and colorful ones, or larger ones — everything will work. If you are feeling really ambitious you can use a hole puncher and ribbon to hang each of the cards.