The Mandalorian Episode One Starts With Action & Ends With.. WHAT?!


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To say I have been waiting for The Mandalorian forever feels like an understatement. Ever since seeing footage at Star Wars Celebration, I have been counting down the moments. Well I finally got to watch it (twice) and it exceeded all expectations. It kicks off with a bar fight, and ends with a WHAT THE!?! moment. What more could you ask for in a pilot? 

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Warning: Spoilers for The Mandalorian episode one ahead.

Starts Right Off With Action

The Mandalorian kicks right off with a whole ton of action. Who doesn’t love a good bar fight!? This was the perfect way to introduce us to The Mandalorian — and for us to see just how badass he is. I love action in movies and television shows, and so I was happy with how much we got. And it wasn’t too violent for me to show my young kids, which is a plus. However, I do show them some pretty violent stuff, so I might not be a good example.

Putting Bounties In Carbonite

I suppose I expected The Mandalorian to put his bounties in carbonite — but actually SEEING him do it made me squeal with glee. Then to see all the hanging bounties in his ship? Priceless! I kind of need a playset for The Mandalorian that includes these. So go ahead and make that some toy company and I will buy it. 

the mandalorian ig-11

IG-11 Gone So Soon?

Taika Waititi is one of my favorite people on this planet. Not only is he insanely brilliant, but he is hilarious too. I was so excited to see him show up and he had me cracking up each time he tried to self destruct. And then The Mandalorian killed him. Shot him right in the head. In order to protect baby Yoda. I hope that we get more IG-11, or at least more IG droids voiced by Taika. I was certainly not expecting him to only be in one episode.

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Overall Thoughts

When I was told by people that worked on The Mandalorian it was a combination of a Western and a Samurai film, I was anxious. Sure that sounds amazing, but could it be pulled off. The answer is yes. Throughout the entire first episode I thought about these themes and I have to agree, The Mandalorian is totally a combination of the two. 

But it is also a pretty amazing Star Wars show. It seems to fit in to the universe perfectly. And I kind of love that there are references to things us Star Wars fans know about, but it is also something new. I was instantly hooked, and cannot wait for the rest of the season! I will certainly be tuning in every week.

The Mandalorian is the perfect combination of action and storyline — and of new and old. I will be coming back every week, will you?

About The Mandalorian

A lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.

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