Major Story Lines Just Revealed In Cloak & Dagger Season 2 (SPOILERS)

cloak and dagger season 2


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is finally back with their second season. This two episode premiere just ended, and I hope you all loved it. I already shared my spoiler free review of the Cloak and Dagger season two premiere with you, but now I am ready to dive in to the spoilers. Tandy and Tyrone are picking up right where they left off – just 8 months in the future. But they are basically in the same spots they were at the end of season one.

Warning: There are spoilers for the season two premiere of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger below.

This is just were just the premiere episodes so we didn’t get too much dropped on us, that is for the whole season to do. But we did get some reveals. My favorite has to do with Mayhem.

Detective O'Reilly revealed as Mayhem in Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

MARVEL’S CLOAK & DAGGER – Freeform’s “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” stars Emma Lahana as Detective O’Reilly. (Freeform/Frank Ockenfels)

Mayhem is Her Own Being

In one scene Brigid O’Reilly is staring in to a water puddle and what do we see? Mayhem talking back at her. From right next to her. Not like, her reflection talking to her. Oh no, Mayhem has become her own person. She has a physical form. And she is ready to take matters in to her own hands. Clearly Mayhem feels that Brigid is not rough enough, and she ends up killing one of the men who is working with the traffickers of women. OH YEAH – so that happened….

Someone is Trafficking Women

Tandy is going to meetings with her mom, to hopefully better their relationship and work through some things. She takes a particular interest in one of the ladies there, and even follows her home. Tandy sees the man that is abusing her and well, she loses it. She trashes his house (and he totally blames it on a whole bunch of thugs). This backfires and the woman takes him back having seen him as vulnerable. When she doesn’t make it home one night, Tandy assumes this boyfriend has something to do with it, and she hunts him down.

She ends up discovering that she was abducted. She was shot full of heroin and in bad shape (perhaps she took the heroin herself, it wasn’t clear OR I missed it while watching the episode). But she was strapped in the back of an ambulance that was being driven to who knows where. Tandy uses some of her crazy new powers to stop the driver. Mayhem ends up killing the man (she gets some information from him first though, don’t worry) because that is how she rolls.

cloak and dagger season 2 tyrone

MARVEL’S CLOAK & DAGGER – “Restless Energy” (Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani)

Tyrone is Chasing Down Drug Lords

What Tyrone should be doing is staying inside his church and waiting things to cool down (he is wanted for murder, if you don’t recall). Instead he is transporting himself all around the city trying to catch whatever bad guys he can. Brigid and Tandy are both helping him out when they can, but he is not being as careful as he should be.

I loved the first episode, but the layout of the second episode made it one of my favorites of the whole series. Following Tyrone, Tandy, and Brigid all from when they left the club was done perfectly. I enjoyed seeing both Tandy and Tyrone being way more comfortable with their powers, and am excited for what is to come.

Tune in to Cloak and Dagger Thursdays at 8pm ET on Freeform!

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