You’re The Worst Finale: A Perfect Ending for the Not-so-Perfect Couple


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One of my all time favorite shows came to end last night – You’re The Worst. While I was super sad to see it go, and really think it was too soon (I wanted at least another 2 or 3 seasons), the ending was perfection. This finale was all I could have hoped for, and more. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up. OK, I cried. Like hardcore sobbed. If you have not yet watched the finale be warned, there are spoilers in this article.

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The Flash Forwards Explained

Throughout this season, we have been seeing flash forwards and YES, they have been making me really mad. FXX tried to make us think that our favorite couple, Gretchen and Jimmy, called it quits before they were married. This has really gotten in my head and I just kept telling myself I was not ready for the finale. In the final minutes of the final episode, all of these flash forwards are explained.

Jimmy is not with the florist, she is actually their nanny. YES! Jimmy and Gretchen have a beautiful baby girl. He was selling the house because they had decided it was a death trap for kids. She was staying at a hotel to get some rest before the Lindsay’s wedding. She even told Jimmy “Mama’s still got it” and that she got some digits. They aren’t wearing rings because they ended up not getting married. They decided they wanted to choose each other every morning. During that conversation Gretchen adds, “You know one day I might just leave my keys and phone at home and go walk in front of a train, right?”. Jimmy says yes and yea, I was a sobbing mess.

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Edgar and Jimmy

One of my favorite friendships in this show was Edgar and Jimmy. They had some ups and downs sure, but the second to last episode was really hard on them. Edgar tells Jimmy not to marry Gretchen and Jimmy tells him to get out of his life. In the finale Edgar shows up to the wedding and parks outside the venue. This was he can be an escape ride for Jimmy if he needs it. After Jimmy and Gretchen leave together, Edgar takes off to New York.

We do see him back at the flash forward – he is actually the one that Gretchen was talking about seeing earlier in the season. That she isn’t mad at him anymore and it will be good to see him. He is also the one Lindsay is talking about coming to her wedding. Which is something else that made me cry.

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Lindsay and Paul

Lindsay is marrying Paul. Again. Toward the end of the finale we see some flashes of how they fell back in love. Which I thought was amazing. It was really good for them to spend some time apart, but I am glad they worked it out and got married again. At the wedding we see Gretchen and Jimmy, happy, dancing with their daughter. We also see that Becca is pregnant, again, but this time is drinking water – and even passes up some booze when Vernon offers it to her.

In this end, this was the perfect finale for the series. Even though I did not want to see it end, all of my favorite characters were done justice.

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