How Amazon Devices Can Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions


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How Amazon Devices Can Help With Your New Year's Resolutions

My house is filled with smart devices that help us with every day tasks. Every single room, including my daughter’s rooms, have an Amazon device. So have several Echo Dots, two Echo Dot Kids Editions, and an Echo Plus. On New Year’s Eve night my family wrote down a list of our resolutions and posted up in the kitchen. Alexa has been a huge help so far in helping us stick to our resolutions. I think we might actually stick them all year thanks to her!

Alexa Meditation room

Staying Healthy

One of my resolutions was to make sure I don’t sit at my desk all day. I want to get up and walk around once an hour, and my Echo Plus allows me to do that. I just ask Alexa to set a timer for 60 minutes and she lets me know when I need to get up and take a few laps around the house and walk up and down our stairs. Sleep has a lot to do with health as well, and Alexa has helped my entire family with that. My husband and I say “Alexa, open thunderstorm sounds” every night and she plays relaxing thunderstorm sounds that help us sleep.

We even have a spot in the master bedroom with a large rug and essential oil diffuser which we call our meditation spot. I just connect my bluetooth headphones to Alexa and zone out for twenty minutes or so. I know this has helped my mental health more than I could ever imagine.

My daughters each ask their Echo Dot Kids Edition to read them a bedtime story (thanks for Amazon FreeTime they have over 1000 Audible kids’ books to choose from!). They love it! Every morning when they wake up, with a specialized Alexa alarm of course, they tell us about the story they fell asleep to. And no staying up late thanks to Amazon FreeTime parental controls. We can choose when FreeTime shuts down for the day and turns back on in the morning.

Amazon Echo Kids Edition helps kids fall asleep with bedtime stories!

Staying Organized

Another one of our resolutions is staying organized. Between dance lessons, art classes, music lessons, sports, PTO meetings, and doctor’s appointments, we have a lot going on in the Smith household. Sometimes I forget and double book us, and sometimes I end up missing things (not proud of that). But now with our Amazon devices, Alexa can keep our calendar straight for us.

Adding an appointment is simple, just give Alexa the time and date and she will add it to our calendar. I often hang up with the doctor and immediately tell her, before I have time to forget. Every morning I ask for the schedule for the day and she gives it to me. My husband and daughters ask her for the schedule too, so we are all on the same page about what we need to do for the day.

Connecting Alexa to our Philips Hue lights has been a lifesaver – and a money saver – for us. My girls were notorious for leaving lights on everywhere they go, but now that they can ask Alexa to turn the lights off, they love it! In fact, they might enjoy it a little too much and I have had to tell them to not turn the lights off and on constantly.

Amazon Alexa Family Time

More Family Time

Our major resolution is to spend more quality time together as a family. There are so many ways that Alexa has helped us accomplish this. We love the drop-in feature because it allows us to stay connected. If my husband and I are in the kitchen we can drop-in on the girls’ rooms to ask them to come down for dinner (or for game night). We have a lot of board games that we play but we also play games with Alexa.

The Animal Game is one of our favorites. We come up with an animal and see how long it will take Alexa to guess it. Many nights are spent with our Echo Plus in the middle of the dining room table as we play games with her and asking her to tell us jokes. Oh and I can’t forget the numerous dance parties that we have by asking her to play our favorite songs, albums, and play lists. At least three nights a week, we all meditate together with the help of Alexa.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Make Tech Time Educational

The final New Year’s Resolution I want to talk about is our resolution to make tech time educational. My daughters each have an hour of tech time a day during the week, and two on weekends. I was sick of them watching YouTube videos and wasting that time in a brain dead state (seriously it was impossible to even talk to them during that time). The Echo Dot Kids Edition provides them with a kid-friendly, kid-centric Alexa experience. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a device (an Echo Dot), a year of FreeTime Unlimited, a kid-friendly case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

Now, if given the choice between video games or their Echo Dot Kids Edition, the choice is always the later. I am proud to say they love using the educational features like Q&A and a Magic Word. If they get bored or want to try something new, they just have to ask Alexa for a suggestion and she will give them a kid-friendly one!

If you made some New Year’s Resolutions that you want to stick to this year, I know that Alexa can help you stay on track!

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