How To Make Holiday Traditions Even More Fun With Alexa


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How To Make Holiday Traditions Even More Fun With Alexa

My husband and I are big technology nerds. Our whole house is smart connected, and we love it! It makes our lives so much easier, especially with two young kids. They are being raised to understand the technology and how to use our smart devices. A favorite of ours is the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition because we know we can trust it to stay appropriate. Our love for it is growing over this holiday season as it is helping us create new holiday traditions, as well as bring back some old ones.

Holiday traditions with Alexa

The Echo Dot can easily move with your kids and sit wherever a plug is close!

Holiday Stories

One of our favorite traditions, which was a tradition from when I was a little girl, is reading Christmas stories. Each night of December, my sister and I would take turns picking one to read. This is something I have continued with my daughters, and now Alexa has stepped it up a notch. She can actually read to us, all we have to do is say “Alexa, read a Christmas Carol.” or “Alexa, tell me a winter story.” Because of this feature all four of us are able to cuddle together and listen to a holiday tale. We have even discovered some new ones that none of us had heard before.

Holiday traditions with Alexa

Playing music at night is the perfect way to lull your child to sleep.

Holiday Music

The moment that Thanksgiving is over, I like to have Christmas music playing throughout the house. With our Echo and Echo Dot Kids Edition, I can simply ask Alexa to play holiday music and she will. One of my favorite things to do is ask her to sing me a Christmas song. She will actually sing to us – and my daughters LOVE singing along with her. OK, the whole family does! Singing and listening to Christmas carols has always been a tradition of ours, just like reading holiday stories has been. This is another way (of many) that Alexa can help us during the holiday season.

Holiday traditions with Alexa

Other Holiday Uses

There are plenty of other things that Alexa can help with, especially during the holidays. For example, I am forever having her make grocery lists for me, and now I have started making lists for holiday gift ideas. If I am cleaning, or working, and an idea comes to me, I can just ask Alexa to add it to my shopping list. Then I can pull that up in my app while at the store. This really makes gift giving much less stressful!

Holiday traditions with Alexa 4

Last year for Christmas we gifted my mother an Echo Dot, and my daughters love calling her on it. Yup, you can make voice calls (and video calls if you both have the Echo Show or Spot). Simply ask Alexa to drop in on your loved ones and you can have a full conversation with them! I love that I can talk with my mom while I walk around the house or do chores thanks to Alexa! Not to mention the fact that I can ask her to turn on our holiday lights for us – that means no stepping outside in the cold weather to do it.

Holiday traditions with Alexa

Why The Kids Edition?

The Kids Edition of the Echo Dot is just a little bit more money than the Echo Dot, but you get so much with is! The kid-friendly case and two year worry-free guarantee are great, but what we love the most is a whole year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa. With this service Amazon ensures that the music stays age appropriate. And my favorite part is the amazing parental controls. With the Parent Dashboard, you can access everything that your children and doing with Alexa – and so much more!

My daughters love the character alarms we set up for them, and I love the fact that they cannot access voice purchasing. Trust me, our house would be filled with Hatchimals and Slime if they could! I also really like that I can set daily time limits because even though many of what they do with Alexa is educational, I don’t want them doing it at all hours of the night. There are also plenty of games the girls can play on their Echo Dot Kids Edition which helps them to learn! The educational Q & A is one of their favorites!

Alexa has made being a busy on-the-go parent very easy for me because my girls will spend hours listening to stories, songs, and even playing games! An Echo Dot Kids Edition would be the perfect holiday gift for any family with little ones!

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