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T-Mobile Thanks First Responders With Magenta First Responder Plan

T-Mobile is honoring and thanking first responders with their Magenta First Responders phone plan. Learn more about this plan and why you should thank a first responder too!

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First Responders are some of the bravest and hardest working men and women on the planet. There are several moments that I have needed them in my life, and I am thankful they were there. It is important to teach our children to trust them (and thank them).

I love that my daughters’ school always has the police and fire department come to talk to the children. Not only do they explain what to do in an emergency, they let them know they are always there for them. 

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Teaching Our Children About First Responders

Knowing that they can talk to police officers is something my daughters took advantage of two years ago. Unfortunately after picking out the PERFECT pumpkins and carving them to put on our porch to display, someone came by and stole them — right off our porch! My girls were sad, but we told them the pumpkins were just things, and could be replaced. Then it happened a second time.

Ivy Halloween Pumpkin

That’s right. After wiping away the tears, and helping them carve a second set of pumpkins, those too, were taken off of our porch. Seeing the heartbreak in their eyes killed me, and I felt like their faith in humanity was slipping away. And honestly — who could blame them? I mean, who steals carved pumpkins off a porch. Someone who wasn’t thinking about the little girls who worked so hard to create them.

Lorie Halloween pumpkin

That day for lunch, we went to our favorite local sub shop, and as fate would have it, there were two police officers picking up their lunch. My daughters asked if they could go tell them about what happened, and they did. Seeing them completely trust the police, warmed my heart.

Well, that night, caught on our Ring doorbell camera, was the very same police officer dropping off some goodies for the girls. They were thrilled when they saw them in the morning! And learned a very important lesson about just how important first responders are, and how we should always do what we can to thank them — because they are there for each and every one of us.

That is just one of the reasons I LOVE that T-Mobile is giving first responders a new plan that will save them and their families their money. Any way we can give back to them, I am here for!

About The Magenta First Responder Plan

This past October, T-Mobile introduced the Magenta First Responder Plan in order to thank these important men and women. The Magenta First Responder Plan is the best discount in wireless for first responders and their families — with 50% off family lines! Sound a little familiar? It should! That is because it is the same industry changing discount that military, veterans and their families get with T-Mobile’s Magenta Military Plan (as a wife of a veteran — I am extremely thankful for this!).

“At T-Mobile, we’re on an unrelenting mission to change wireless for good. With Magenta First Responder, we’ll put money right back in the pockets of our nation’s first responders and their families,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “Magenta Military forced AT&T and Verizon to respond and altogether created a wave of change that we estimate saves military families more than a billion dollars every year. This is what we do. We spark a reaction. And Magenta First Responder will do the same.”

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With this plan, a family of four can save up to $720 a year, which is unheard of! The Un-carrier includes monthly tazes and fees, which you don’t see with any other carrier. With Magenta First Responder, our country’s state and local law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMS personnel, and the small businesses they own can get 20% off the first line and 50% off up to five additional voice lines. It’s just $100 per month with AutoPay for a family of four with taxes and fees included.

T-Mobile Magenta First Responder also includes Netflix on Us for families, the best customer care in wireless with a dedicated Team of Experts, unlimited hotspot with 3GB high-speed data per month, unlimited free texting and data and low flat rate calling in 210+ countries and destinations worldwide with Simple Global AND weekly free stuff and discounts every T-Mobile Tuesday.

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If you or a family member are a first responder, sign up with T-Mobile now and take advantage of these fantastic savings!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.