Why I Love The Nintendo Switch | #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo


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Nintendo Switch

As most of you probably know, I am a gamer girl. I have loved video games since I was a little girl playing on NES. My husband is a big gamer too and we actually still own an NES. We have bought every Nintendo console that has come out – including the newly released Nintendo Switch. It can be hard to find in stock, but if you can, I highly recommend picking it up, and here is why.

The Games

OK, so there are not a lot of games out just yet. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is by far the best game that you can get for the Switch right now – but there are lots of other fun ones. For example, if you have young kids, I highly recommend picking up 1, 2, Switch because they will have a ton of fun. This game has multiple mini-games that young kids (and adults too) will have a blast playing.

Over the course of the year, a handful of games that are sure to be incredible are coming out. From Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, to Splatoon 2, to Mario Odyssey. These are all obviously going to be worth having the Switch just for them. I love the variety of games that the Switch offers – and can offer thanks to it’s unique design. From fun party to games to full length RPG games.

Take It On The Go – Or Don’t

I love how flexible this gaming system is. It is a console and a handheld gaming device – all in one! You can play games with up to 8 players or solo. It is really easy to switch back and forth too – much simpler than I expected it to be. The Joy-Cons can be used together as one controller or separate as two. I recommend picking up at least once separate set, as well as the charging grip (which you can purchase instead of the pro controller). You can take the Switch with you on the go, play it connected to your TV, or play it on the couch while your kids watch TV (speaking from experience).

In my opinion, the Nintendo Switch is worth picking up. It is fun and unique and there are going to be a lot of great games coming out for it. It is a great family gaming system and I know I will be playing it for years to come.