5 Reasons to Spend Your Tax Refund at GameStop


Tax season is here – and I for one am ready to spend my refund! While I would love to add more points on my Disney Vacation Club membership, that just isn’t the smartest thing right now (I mean, I just bought a year ago). So let’s move past my Disney obsession to my other obsession – gaming! Get the biggest bang for Uncle Sam’s buck at GameStop. They are kicking off Tax Season with unbeatable PRO DAY offers – and the deals keep coming during two-week refund sale event!

If that tax refund is burning a hole your pocket like mine is, don’t miss the chance to stretch it to the max with tons of awesome deals at GameStop! You can get the hottest gaming gear at great prices. GameStop is kicking off the refund-stretching savings on February 24th with PRO DAY – GameStop’s epic one-day event – offering PowerUp Rewards Pro and Elite Pro members more than $1,500 in savings! These savings will take your collection of games and gaming gear to the next level! And from February 25th to March 6th, GameStop is offering early-bird filers a way to multiply those hard-earned dollars with unbeatable savings and trade offers on a variety of games, consoles, accessories, toys and apparel.

Nintendo Switch Savings

If you have not been playing the Nintendo Switch than you have been missing out! This is one of my favorite gaming systems by far, for so many reasons. It was hard to find for a while, but have no fear – the Nintendo Switch is in stock at GameStop stores nationwide and on GameStop.com. Grab yourself a console and then save big with some great deals. You can save up to $30 on select Nintendo Switch games and up to 25% on Nintendo Switch accessories including controllers, charging docks, cases and more on PRO DAY (Feb. 24).

PlayStation Savings

There are so many great PlayStation games out there right now. Recently I actually traded in my PlayStation 4 for a PlayStation 4 Pro at GameStop and ended up getting a great deal. You can save big too this tax season! GaemStop is offering $100 off on PlayStation VR headset bundles (offer valid until March 3) – which is something I plan to take advantage of myself!

XBox Savings

Cuphead is reason enough to have an Xbox, trust me. So if you don’t have one, head to your local GameStop (or GameStop.com) this tax season and pick one up. You can even get a great deal and save $50 on all new Xbox One S consoles! This offer valid Feb. 25 – March 2 and totally worth doing!

Games Savings

What good are these gaming consoles without some fantastic games to go along with them? Thanks to GameStop you can stock up on some must have games for a killer price! Get up to 50% off top game titles for Xbox, PS4, and PC. Plus, on PRO DAY, get up to 30% more trade credit on games and accessories, and up to 30% off pre-owned games and accessories. If I were you, I would go through my games and bring in any that you don’t play anymore to trade in. That is the best way to take full advantage of these savings.

Funko POP Shelfie GameStop

Collectibles Savings

If you are anything like me, you love collectibles. My office is filled with desk buddies, Funko POPs, and all sorts of other collectibles! This PRO DAY, take advantage of some amazing deals. I am talking buy 2, get 1 FREE on all Funko POP! vinyl figures! I am for sure going to be buying a lot of them. Like, a lot. GameStop is also offering $5 or less on all clearance apparel and POP! vinyl. During the tax refund sale, you can Buy 1, get 1 50% off POP! vinyl figures, t-shirts, hats, and sock.

For the full line-up of PRO DAY and refund sale deals, visit GameStop.com:
PRO DAY: https://www.gamestop.com/collection/proday
Refund sale: https://www.gamestop.com/refundsale

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  1. I definitely want to take advantage of their deals and finally get a Nintendo Switch! I have been wanting one for so long.

  2. Nintendo I admit is very nostalgic! As young adults, we gave away our old Nintendo software. I remember years later, first my sister was longing to play it, and it would be a lot of fun for all ages. 😉

  3. I just got a switch in november, and it is the joy(con) of my life. I saw this and went to my local gamestop and got a new set of joycons.

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  5. We wold love to have a Nintendo Switch, my grandson would be in heaven if he got this for a birthday present April 14! Fingers crossed! We will check GameStop for one. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cathy Thompson on

    My grandson wants a Nintendo Switch we will be checking the deals at GameStop! Thank for sharing!

  7. I’ll definitely take advantage of the Nintendo Switch deals! I’ve had my eye on some cool accessories there 🙂

  8. I like this deal save $50 on all new Xbox One S consoles! This offer valid Feb. 25 – March 2 and totally worth doing!

  9. Cathy Thompson on

    Fingers crossed for a win my grandson’s birthday is coming up April 14 and he would be super ecstatic to get this.

  10. Fisseux Christophe on

    I want to take advantage of the deals on the Nintendo Switch! I’ve been dreaming to get this console right from the first day I heard about it!

  11. I want to save up to $30 on select Nintendo Switch games and up to 25% on Nintendo Switch accessories including controllers, charging docks, cases and more!

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  13. Jerry Marquardt on

    The Nintendo Switch savings is the most prominent deal listed ion the GameStop tax savings planner page.

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