Why Every Family Needs Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch | #NintendoSwitchTogether


Thank you to Nintendo for sending us a copy of Super Mario Party and these fun tricycles! All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Super Mario Party Switch

As you likely already know, we are a family of gamers. Some of our favorite video games are the ones we can all play together. Our current favorite? Super Mario Party for Switch! We were so thrilled to be offered a copy to review, and I pretty much knew we would love it before we even tested it out. Mario Party has always been a favorite of the Smith family, and we have been playing on the Wii U for a very long time. So is Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch worth picking up? Even if you have it for other systems? The answer is YES! And here is why.

New Mini-Games

Like I said, we have been playing Mario Party for, well, basically forever. So when we found out they were adding new mini-games, of course we were excited. Our families favorite new game? Triker Harder – where players pedal tricycles around an arena until the first reaches the finish line! You should see my girls play this game, they go crazy! Actually, why don’t you watch this video to see them playing while they are on actual tricycles!

super mario party trike

My personal favorite mini-game is Don’t Wake the Wiggler. Even though I am really bad at it and continuously wake him up, we have so much fun screaming and running around the room when he gets mad. This is truly the perfect game for families that just like to have fun together.

super mario party

Back to the Basics

Super Mario Party includes my all time favorite mode – board game mode! It goes back to 4-player basics (perfect for families of four!), and allows players to take turns and race across the board in search of Stars. I was so excited to finally share this mode with my daughters, and we play it pretty much every night. The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic elements to add another layer of fun. You can play every man for himself, or on teams with partner party. We enjoy playing kids vs. adults – which I love in particular because it makes our daughters work together as a team. They have totally bonded over Super Mario Party! Who would have known?

super mario party box

Get your copy of Super Mario Party today!

Super Mario Party is perfect for families


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