Happy Birthday Switch!


Take The #NintendoSwitchChallenge (1)

It’s Nintendo Switch’s birthday! To celebrate, GameStop is introducing the #NintendoSwitchChallenge – a fun (and a little wacky) way to play Mario Kart! We are totally a Switch family (in case you haven’t figured that out), so we had to try it out ourselves – check out our video below. It was such a blast to do, but please don’t laugh at me. Please. OK, fine. Go ahead and laugh (fun fact, I laughed at myself too).

Well now that you have watched mine, it is YOUR turn! That’s right, I am personally challenging YOU to film your race! And then I want you to post it all over social media. Don’t forget to tag @GameStop and use the hashtag #NintendoSwitchChallenge. They will giving away a bunch of awesome Switch accessories for fans who do the challenge. And be sure tag me (@MamasGeeky) too because I would love to see you also make a fool of yourself… I mean, I want to see how your race compares to mine!

gamestop switch

Nintendo Switch Deals At GameStop

Also be sure to visit your local GameStop from March 3-10, because more than 50 Switch toys, collectibles and
accessories are going to be on MAJOR sale! Here are the top deals, but you can check out the full lineup of sales on GameStop’s flyer.

  • 20% off select Nintendo Switch accessories like controllers, charging docks, carrying cases, racing wheels, and more!
  • 20% off select Nintendo-themed plush, toys, housewares, & drinkware!
  • Up to $20 off select Switch games (FIFA 18 for only $39.99!).
  • Get an extra $5 when you trade any Nintendo Switch games!
  • 50% extra credit on any future Nintendo Switch game trades with purchase of any of these sale products.

How To Play The #NintendoSwitchChallenge

  • You’ll Need: At least two players, a Nintendo Switch, and Mario Kart 8. Don’t have a Nintendo Switch? Don’t worry! GameStop has you covered. More than 1,400 stores have a demo Switch, where you can film your challenge. You can also check out their Switch store locator to find the nearest Switch-ready store near you.
  • Player One: This is the “Commander,” who sits facing the screen. You can also have more than one Commander, just beware – it can get a little loud!
  • Player Two: The “Driver” sits with their back to the screen (or blindfolded) with the Joy-cons or controller.
  • Rev Your Engine: Start up your Switch, fire up Mario Kart 8, and get ready to put your skills to the test!
  • The Challenge: The Commander guides the Driver through the course: telling them when to turn, use their items, avoid running into walls and cows and fences.
  • Share: Post your best race(s) on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube channel. Make sure to tag GameStop, use the hashtag: #NintendoSwitchChallenge, and tag me MamasGeeky!

Take the #NintendoSwitchChallenge

Giveaway Alert

Enter to win an Epic GameStop Nintendo Switch Prize Pack using the Gleam form below. This package includes the following:

Nintendo Switch Light-Up Dock Shield – Mario and Zelda designs
Faceoff Deluxe Wired Controller (Mario & Luigi)
Nintendo Switch Deluxe Console Case – Mario Kart + Mario Kana
Pixel Pals – Raccoon Mario + original Mario

HUGE thank you to GameStop and PDP! for sponsoring this amazing giveaway! Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

Nintendo Switch Challenge GameStop Giveaway


  1. Happy birthday, Switch! I’m excited about this challenge, even if I am the world’s worst racing player. LOL The thing I find groundbreaking about the Switch is its flexibility. Lots of people have knocked Nintendo over the years for a lack of power, but Nintendo has never been about brute force gaming. It’s always been about fun and creative ways to game.
    It’s a little like the difference between playing an orc warrior and an elf rogue. They both get the job done, but they do it a lot differently. I’m stoked.

    • You couldn’t be more right! Nintendo always has the most FUN consoles! Speaking of, Nintendo Labo looks INCREDIBLE. I am going to have way too much fun with that! I can’t wait to see your racing skills! I am sure they are not as bad as you think they are.

  2. Kami Sundstrom on

    So fun! I didn’t take the challenge because we do not own a switch. I remember playing Mario Kart for hours on my brother’s Nintendo 360?

  3. Cathy Thompson on

    We don’t have a Switch yet, but love the Nintendo consoles the best of any of the others and would love to win a Switch for my grandson’s birthday coming up soon! Awesome post thanks for sharing!

  4. Fisseux Christophe on

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you!
    This Switch would delight us all in my family (3 kids, my wife and I 🙂 )

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  7. I haven’t taken the challenge or seen a Nintendo Switch. My family would love to have one to have fun and challenge each other! TY

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