I (Sort of) Learned to Salsa from the Dancing With The Stars Troupe! | #DWTS #ABCTVEvent


One of the funnest things we did on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 event was learn to salsa! Well, I tried to learn to salsa. We got to go to an actual dance studio with some of the Dancing with the Stars dance troupe and learn some moves. The Dancing with the Stars dance troupe are the dancers that appear in all of the routines. They also open and close the show. They are super talented dancers and it was a lot of fun to learn from them.

When we first arrived we got to chat with them a little bit and learned that their days are pretty intense. Since they are in more than one dance, they practice a lot. As the week closes in on show day (Mondays) their days get longer and longer. Sometimes the dance troupe members step in for dancers that are injured and they dance with the “stars” on the show. All of them agreed that the season flies by – and they couldn’t believe they were already on week 6! They all have backgrounds in dance – and a few of them were even on So You Think You Can Dance before joining the DWTS cast.

Dancing with the Stars Alan Bersten

After we had a little bit of time to talk, we learned a few steps as a group. Then we were split in to groups and were each given one of the troupe members as a teacher. My group had Alan Bersten as our leader – and he was a lot of fun! We were told we were all going to perform at the end in front of the other groups for a friendly competition. Well, Alan takes competition seriously so he had us add in some more “flare” to stand out. I was surprised at how well I did – but of course, when it came time to record our dance, I forgot everything and messed up a bit. Still, it was a lot of fun! I will definitely enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars more now that I have met the dance troupe! They were all super nice!

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8pm EST!

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