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Little Lambs Cupcakes

My husband and I love to bake. Lately we have been involving our daughters in the process as they are getting old enough to help out. I recently received some really cool Easter items from Target Grocery, and one of them was the Little Lambs cupcake kit! This kit is perfect for some family fun around Easter. My girls were so excited about making “sheep cupcakes” and they did a great job helping with the baking and the decorating!

Little Lambs Cupcakes   Little Lambs Cupcakes   Little Lambs Cupcakes

This kit comes with everything you need besides the perishables. The first step is to add eggs, vegetable oil, and water to the cupcake mix. Then just bake them and let them cool completely. Next you make the frosting by just adding butter and milk to the included mix (sure makes life easier!). Once your cupcakes are frosted, now comes the fun part! Take the mini marshmallows and place them all around your cupcake, leaving room for a head. Cut off about a quarter inch of each Tootsie Roll Midgee and then cut the smaller piece in half, making the ears. Stick on your head and ears of the sheep. Then add the candy eyes with a little dab of frosting to help them stick. You now have your own flock of super cute, delicious, Easter sheep cupcakes! These are the perfect Easter cupcakes!

These are also super easy to make yourself! Just purchase some marshmallows and tootsie rolls and bake your own cupcakes! These are a real hit for us every Easter and Spring – my girls love making them! We have only created them from the kit once – the rest of the times we did it ourselves.

Find a Target near you by clicking here.

Little Lambs Cupcakes                        Little Lambs Cupcakes

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