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Dancing Along to Teen Beach 2

Teen Beach Movie is one of my family’s favorite movies to watch together. My young daughters love dancing and singing along to all of the songs. I was lucky enough to be invited to LA to see Teen Beach 2 before it airs on the Disney Channel (it is also available on DVD the same day – June 26, 2015). I must say that the actors and dancers have really stepped it up this film and my toes were tapping the entire time. If you were impressed with the moves in the first one, you will be blown away by Teen Beach 2. I know I was. One of my favorite dance sequences was during “Gotta Be Me” but little did I know that just a half hour later, I would be learning those moves from two of the stars of the movie – Chrissie Fit “CheeChee” and Jordan Fisher “Seacat”. Watch the clip from Teen Beach 2 below and you will see what I am talking about.


An Emotional Goodbye to Phineas and Ferb

Emotions were running high at the screening of Last Days Of Summer. Personally, I have watched every episode of Phineas and Ferb that has aired over the last 8 years. It is (was) one of the best shows on television – perfect for families of all ages to watch together. I feel so blessed that I got the chance to watch Last Day of Summer, the special one hour Phineas and Ferb finale, before it’s air date of June 12th (TOMORROW at 9pm EST) and then sit down with the ridiculously talented creators of the show – Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh. (Who, by the way, voice Doofenshmirtz and Monogram on the show as well.)


NCircle Spring into Science DVD Giveaway

My daughters love NCircle Entertainment DVDs. We have a few and they are always their go to when we decide on a quiet day inside or a long car ride. My husband is an engineer and so both of my girls are big into science lately. They love doing experiments and learning new things. One of their favorite shows has always been Sid the Science Kid so when they saw this new DVD they were thrilled! I am always so impressed by how much they learn from this show. Dino Dan is another great show that teaches them all about dinosaurs. Octonauts and The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That are two more amazing educational shows that my girls love to watch (and I love for them to watch!).

Entertainment MLP Tales

My Little Pony Tales: TV Series

My daughters love My Little Pony. It has to be their absolute favorite show. We probably have about 30 pony toys in our house right now. My husband and I love the show too. We know all the characters and the story line. The new season just started and it is actually really good and entertaining for adults as well. But when my girls first started watching it, I tried to tell them about how I used to watch My Little Pony but it was different. I explained that the ponies looked similar but were not the same and my 3.5 year old was really interested in watching what I used to watch. So I was so excited to find out that My Little Pony Tales: The Complete Classic TV Series is coming out on DVD this month! I have received a copy already and it is amazing! When it releases from Shout Factory! Kids on April 28th you will have to buy it for your little ones! My daughters really love this show as well. They have asked many questions and are really in to it!

Entertainment mia and me


My daughters and I love to watch Mia and Me! It is one of our favorite Nick Jr. shows. I remember when it first came out – before it was even on TV – Nick Jr. had videos on their website and my 3.5 year fell in love with it. She would ask to watch the videos over and over. I was thrilled to find out that a DVD was being released because now she can watch Mia in the car or on the TV whenever she wants to! Her face light up when I came in with the mail and she saw the DVD. We have already watched all the episodes through several times. I recommend this for any young girl – both my girls enjoy it.

Entertainment Daniel Tiger

PBS Kids 2 DVD Pack Giveaway!

My girls (OK, and me too) love PBS Kids. It is on in our house pretty much every morning. My daughters love Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, Super Why, & Peg+Cat like they were family. If you have not watched PBS Kids with your little ones, you really need to. They have tons of great shows for children that are fun, educational, and that parents love too. I have yet to find a show on PBS Kids that we do not enjoy watching. We also play at a lot – my 3.5 year old loves giving Daniel Tiger’s little sister a bath and having a tea party with him and his friends!

Entertainment Caillou's Can Do Collection

Caillou’s Can Do Collection

My daughters love to watch Caillou. PBS Kids is one of our favorite channels to watch on TV and they are always excited when Caillou comes on. We have a couple Caillou DVDs already and my youngest is always asking to take them in the car so she can watch them on trips. She even picked out Caillou to watch when it was her turn to choose for Family Movie Night. Caillou recently had his 25th Anniversary (this makes me feel old!) and released Caillou’s Can Do Collection 3-DVD set to celebrate!

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