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ABC Television Network Announces Exclusive Q&As and Autograph Sessions At #D23Expo 2015

As you may or may not know by now, I am heading to the D23 Expo next month with 24 other amazing bloggers! I could not be more excited! This is a dream come true for me as a Disney fanatic and Marvel Comics/Star Wars FanGirl! I was just informed of some pretty amazing Q&A and Autograph Sessions that ABC Television Network will be holding at the expo. Now remember, this expo is open to the public – that means that you can go! Tickets are very reasonable and can be purchased here. If you live in or will be in the Anaheim, CA area August 14 – 16 then you should totally go. Hey, maybe I will see you there!

Entertainment Daniel Tiger Goes to School

Daniel Tiger Goes to School on DVD 8/18 #DanielTiger

BS Kids is on in our home constantly. My girls love every show and I do too – they are always educational and fun – and entertaining for me too! Daniel Tiger is a family favorite in our house – even my husband enjoys it. We love that it is based off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that we watched while growing up. Right now it is the summer but back to school time is quickly approaching. My 4 year old will be going every day for the first time and my 2.5 year old will be going for the first time (although only 2 days a week). I have been trying to talk to them more about school and how much fun it can be to learn. I have stayed at home with them for so long that I worry it will be a big (and unwelcome) change to them. Daniel Goes to School has some great episodes that show how school is fun – and it is making my 2.5 year old really excited. We all love singing the “Grown-ups Come Back” song together.

Books Caillou Goes To School

Caillou Heads Back to School in this New DVD + Book Set

My daughters love to watch Caillou. He is one of their favorite characters from PBS Kids – which is on in our home constantly. They love his little sister as well, and my oldest is always saying that his sister is just like her sister. Both of my daughters will be going to “school” next year. My oldest will be officially in Preschool 5 days a week and my youngest will be starting “pre-Preschool” as I call it. They are both very excited but I know they are nervous and have questions. This Caillou DVD and book combination from PBS Kids has been perfect for them. They are getting more and more comfortable with the idea everyday!


My Little Pony Doll Set #Giveaway

My Little Pony is one of my girls’ favorite TV shows – if not their favorite. It is on constantly – and the movies are on repeat as well. We have many pony toys as well as Equestria Girls toys. It is a great show to watch with the entire family because everyone can enjoy it. My husband won’t admit it, but he knows all of their names and their cutie marks and talents (and I don’t just mean the “Mane 5” either). If you have not been watching the latest season, which airs on Discovery Family, then you are missing out! The first episode was fantastic and it has just gotten even better from there!

Entertainment My-Little-Pony

Tune-In Reminder: My Little Pony #MLP5

My daughters LOVE My Little Pony. In fact, my four year old just had her birthday themed My Little Pony (I will have some party ideas and printables in a post soon). My house is filled with ponies and my husband and I know all of their names, relation to one another, and their cutie marks. We have been recording Season 5 and watching it as a family and it has been awesome. It is a great show for families to watch together. Don’t forget about this week’s episode – a new one airing on July 4th on Discovery Family!

Entertainment Teen Beach 2

Teen Beach 2 on DVD + Bonus Footage

I hope you tuned in to the Disney Channel watch Teen Beach 2 on Friday. It is an incredible movie with amazing values. I really enjoyed watching it when I went to LA (I even teared up a few times), and I enjoyed sharing it with my family last week even more. My husband, who “liked” the first one, was glued to the screen for the second one. He kept asking me what was going to happen – and of course, I kept my mouth shut and made him watch. He was pretty vocal about certain parts (don’t worry I won’t give anything away, but if you have seen the movie I bet you know what I am talking about – hint: surprise ending).

Disney Teen Beach 2

Throw the Perfect Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party

Teen Beach 2 is a great movie to watch with friends and family. There is singing and elaborate dancing – it is so much fun. I think the best way to watch it when it airs this Friday (June 26th) would be to have some friends and family over and have a Summer “beach” party!  I am talking beach activities, food, and of course, enough room to get up and try to dance along! I know that I plan to have a few people over and will be throwing a beach blast of my own! It really is the best way to experience Teen Beach 2 – even if you haven’t seen the first one (although, you still have time!).

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