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D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera

I have always wanted a video baby monitor. I am a worrier by nature – anyone who knows me can tell you that. I drive my husband crazy jumping at the smallest sound from the girls’ rooms and wanting to check in on them constantly. I am always thinking the worst. It kind of drives me mad. That is why I needed a baby camera – and I was so excited to find the perfect one from D-Link!


Let’s Talk About Poop, Baby.

Let’s face it. As much as we do not want to admit it, poop is funny. And it is really popular when it comes to kids toys right now. There are many products that poop, pee, toot, and who knows what else – and kiddos LOVE them. I know that I cannot walk down the toy isle without my girls reaching for some kind of pooping doll or animal. If you aren’t pooped out from Christmas shopping just yet, take a look at these pooping toys that you might want to put under your tree this year.

Collectibles & Subscriptions

Cooper Kit Review A Subscription Box for Dads & Their Kids!

My daughters love to do crafts and activities. But what they love even more than doing them with me, is doing them with their daddy. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I stay home with them and he is at work. They do not see him as often as they would like and so any time with him they can get, they really appreciate it. That is why we were all so excited for the Cooper Kit to arrive! This is a subscription box for dads and their kids. Their motto is “Making Dads Cooler Than Moms” – I say trying anyways, right ladies?


Even More Family Fun with Winning Moves Games Giveaway!

My family loves to play games. Whether it is just me and the girls, all 4 of us, or our extended family and friends – game nights are a blast in our house! We are actually in the process of remodeling our basement and will be using some board games to create a bar/counter/game area! I am so excited about that and cannot wait to see how it comes out! One of my favorite game companies is Winning Moves Games.


Barbie Endless Curls Review

My youngest has a “thing” with her hair. She has to have it up in a pony tail on top of her head or she gets very upset. I think it is a sort of comfort thing as she pulls on it when she is tired. She was so excited to be able to put her Barbie’s hair in a ponytail as well! It really made her day! My oldest enjoyed curling up the Barbie’s hair with the several different curling tools it comes with. The Barbie Endless Curls also comes with two hair clips and a hair brush.

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