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How To Stay At Home New Goofy Shorts + How To Draw Goofy

The How To Goofy shorts are coming to Disney+ with 3 All New How To Stay At Home shorts — Animator Eric Goldberg discusses in this interview. He also gives step by step directions on how to draw Goofy.

Eric Goldberg animator

Eric Goldberg is probably best known for creating and supervising the animation of The Genie and Aladdin, Phil and Hercules, and Louis in The Princess and the Frog. He also directed Pocahontas as well as the Rhapsody in Blue and Carnival of the Animals sequences for Fantasia 2000, along with numerous other achievements. He is now working on Goofy’s newest collection of shorts, How to Stay at Home. Something that he came up with because of the state of the world and thought, what better character to give us some laughs than Goofy.

Why Goofy?

“I’ve always loved Goofy. One thing I love about him is that he’s always positive. He always comes up smiling. I thought for all of the stuff we’ve all been through for the last year and a half, who better to give us a laugh about it than Goofy.” – Eric Goldberg

Goldberg also explains that one of his animation mentors was Art Babbitt, who was really Goofy’s creator and developed his walk, so he feels a personal attachment to Goofy as well. He pitched this idea in Fall of 2020 to Jennifer Lee and Clark Spencer, along with a few other hand drawn ideas. They immediately gravitated towards this idea though, saying it was so relatable because everyone has been through this stuff the past year or so.

Goldberg explains that he loves how physical Goofy is, and that is something that really resonates with him. “I think it’s one reason I took the How to Wear a Mask film to animate myself because it’s all physical gags. Part of what makes these characters last for so long is that we recognize them, we recognize ourselves in them, but we also recognize their behaviors, and no matter what situation you put them in, especially somebody like Goofy, he’s still goofy. He still attacks it in this exact same way he would attack any other challenge or issue or subject. It’s a uniquely Goofy take on how he views the world.”

Combing Classic & Modern

Even though these shorts are based on the classic ones, they didn’t want it to feel like they came straight out the 1940s. It was important to combine things of the past, with things of the present.

“Lureline, who did the backgrounds, we encouraged her to go more graphic and we gave Goofy a slightly thicker outline just to modernize things a little bit, to show that, yes, we actually made it today. And yet, it certainly harkens back to the traditions that were started with those cartoons” – Eric Goldberg

Easter Eggs

Of course not Disney thing is complete without Easter Eggs. Goldberg teases that there are quite a few, even though these three shorts are, well, short. 

“in Learning to Cook Goofy is wearing the same outfit that he wears in his birthday party when he is employed to bake Mickey’s cake and the music that accompanies his montage of cooking is music from Mickey’s birthday party. The very same music he has when he’s baking his stuff. We have all sorts of little jokes like that.” – Eric Goldberg

How To Draw Goofy

Watch the video below to learn how to draw this beloved character from animator Eric Goldberg himself! It is a very simple step by step video, that I hope you enjoy.

About How to Stay At Home

There are three episodes of How to Stay at Home coming to Disney+ on August 11th. Below is a description of all three and a little something about them from Eric Goldberg. I have seen Learning to Cook and I can say that is captures the feel of the originals, but brings something modern in — and of course, it is hilarious and a lot of fun!

How to Wear a Mask

Goofy demonstrates the fine art of putting on a face mask as he prepares to leave the house and venture into the outside world. Despite his earnest efforts, Goofy becomes inextricably tangled in the mask before finally finding the perfect fit.

“Goofy is such a great physical character,” says Goldberg. “There are so many great physical cartoons that Goofy was in, like Olympic Champ, Goofy Gymnastics, and The Art of Self-Defense, where the narrator is describing all the things Goofy is supposed to do—but, of course, he can’t.” This short continues that tradition.

Learning to Cook

It’s a recipe for comedy and disaster when Goofy uses everything but the kitchen sink – along with any and all ingredients in his understocked pantry and refrigerator – to concoct something original and uniquely Goofy.

“Goofy will always do something based on his own cracked logic,” says Goldberg. After the narrator explains that a master chef can make anything taste delicious using whatever they have on hand, Goofy is emboldened to do just that – even if it leads to a “bizarro food tower,” Goldberg says. “One of the great things about Goofy is that he always comes up smiling. It doesn’t matter if he makes a completely ridiculous mistake. It’s like, ‘Yes, I’m eating a piece of tin can with beans in it. Boy, this tastes great!’ So, you can always count on that character to keep smiling, no matter what.”

Binge Watching

Goofy sticks his neck out to show viewers what it means to be truly flexible when binge watching takes precedence over… well, just about everything! Goofy is remarkably able to multitask and juggle a variety of household activities simultaneously – in a way that only Goofy can. By the time he sits down to watch his favorite show, his gaze is fixated on the screen.

“I thought it would be funny for Goofy to settle down with a slack-jawed expression and keep it there for the entire show,” says Goldberg. “Talking about it with Mark, I said, ‘His bottom half acts like Goofy; you’ve got to animate that part as if it’s Goofy, even though the top remains completely stationary.’’

Clean up artist Rachel Bibb had the most technically challenging job, says Goldberg, “because there are all sorts of takeovers to keep his head still and keep his body moving, putting down the glass and putting pizza in his mouth. It was very technically oriented, and Rachel was great at keeping that straight.”

How to Stay at Home shorts hit Disney+ on August 11th!