Chick Fight Review: Proving Women Can Fight Like Men


Chick Fight is a hilarious buddy comedy meets raunchy fight film that gives off positive messages of empowering women.

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Chick Fight is a buddy comedy meets fight movie — with all female leads — and I am totally here for it. All too often these movies are male dominated, but not Chick Fight. This movie brings out a positive message that women can fight like a man! There is also a whole lot of raunchy comedy that had me cracking up — but not TOO raunchy.

In this movie Anna loses just about everything in her life, and is at a very low moment. Her BFF Charleen, played by Dulcé Sloan, decides to take her somewhere to not only let off some steam, but also to boost her self confidence — a secret all female fight club! 

01/29/2020 San Juan, PR–Fioming of Chick Fight starring Malin Akerman, Dulce Sloan, Bela Thorne, among others. Directed by Paul Leyden. Director of photography: Steve Halleran. Photos: Laura Magruder.

It is quickly revealed that this club was started in order to give women a place to vent, but also to empower them. When they step in the ring and experience real pain, they aren’t scared about anything the world might throw at them. 

The only problem is that Anna isn’t much of a fighter. Charleen and Bear, the referee and co-runner of the fight club, played by Fortune Feimster, introduce her to Jack Murphy, who is played by Alec Baldwin. He is a trainer who is willing to help her get into shape. After Anna’s attitude gets the better of her and she challenges the fight club champion, Olivia, she has just two month to become the best fighter that she can be. 

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Alec Baldwin’s character is not in the movie much, but just the right amount. He serves as a sort of Mr. Miyagi to Anna, training her and giving her more confidence. If he had been in Chick Flick much more, it would have taken away from the powerful female led movie that it is.

Same goes for Dr. Roy, who is played by Kevin Connolly. He shows up just to help the girls after fights, and well, maybe just a bit more. However, if he was in it too much more it would have distracted from the actual message. 

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02/03/2020 San Juan, PR– Filming of the movie Chick Fight starring Malin Akerman, Bella Thorne, Dulce Sloane and Kevin Connolly among others. Directed by Paul Leyden, Director of Photography Steve Halleran.

The villain of the movie, so to speak, is the fight club champion, Olivia, played by Bella Thorne, and she is one badass chick! If you know me then you know I love a good villain and that is exactly what she is. She is snarky, powerful, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. She does everything she can to throw Anna off before their fight and while I refuse to give spoilers, let’s just say some of that would have worked on me!

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01/17/2020 San Juan, PR–Filming of Chick Fight directed by Paul Leyden, main actresses Malin Akerman and Dulce Sloan, Director of photography Steven Holleran.

Overall Thoughts

While this movie is very much about how badass women can be, there is a little bit of a love story to it as well. It flies by at just an hour and a half and the jokes will have you cracking up! Sure, it is predictable as most comedies are, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a watch.

As a woman myself, and a mom of two girls, I am a huge fan of the message this movie gives us. Chick Flick proves that women can fight like a man. It shows us that we are just as powerful, and hey, maybe we can even be friends after.

The comedy between Anna and Charleen had me DYING — yes there are some laugh out loud and spit your drink out type moments. There is raunchiness there, but not too much to cross the line. I love the girl power aspect but no, I won’t be showing this movie to my daughters anytime soon. It is the perfect girls night in film!

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About Chick Fight

Chick Fight follows Anna Wyncomb (Malin Akerman) who is introduced to an underground, all-female fight club in order to turn her life around when she discovers that she is much more personally connected to the history of the club than she could ever imagine.

Chick Fight will be In Theaters, On Digital and On Demand November 13th.

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