Terra Willy Review: An Out Of This World Kid’s Movie (+ Activity Sheets)


Terra Willy is an out of this world movie that young kids are sure to enjoy! Full of fun creatures this is a great introduction to the sci-fi genre.

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Terra Willy is a super fun kids movie that is a great way to introduce young kids to the world of Sci-Fi! My husband and I love this movie genre and because of that, so do my kiddos. They were thrilled to check this movie out. 

My youngest described this movie as a mix of Wall-E and Star Wars and you know what, I can totally see what she was saying. There is a whole lot of fun in the movie, especially for young kids. For adults, you might have to struggle through some parts — but not many. 

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I am not going to lie and say that it wasn’t a bit slow and predictable for me because it was, but I am not who this movie is for. The fact that my two young daughters instantly connected with this film shows that they got it right with their target audience. There are some great lessons of friendship and survival in Terra Willy that I loved seeing my girls connect with and understand. 

I was happy to see that there were some moments of suspense in the movie as well. It wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows all the time, that is for sure. All too often movies made for young kids are. So, while it isn’t one of my favorite movies, it is one that my children plan to watch over and over. They could not wait for my husband to get home so they could tell him all about it — and ask him to watch it with them. 

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Overall Thoughts 

Terra Willy is a movie that is sure to be a hit with its target audience, and one that won’t have parents falling asleep. While it might not be super entertaining for adults, it isn’t completely boring either. There is suspense, action, and a lot of fun moments. 

I had a blast watching this movie and bonding with my daughters, who now want to find a robot to friends with. I guess I better get started on that! Terra Willy will teach kids about the importance of survival and friendship, and there really is nothing wrong with that.

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Terra Willy Activity Sheets

If your kiddos are like mine then they love movie themed activity sheets and coloring pages! So you are in luck! Here are some super fun Terra Willy activity sheets that you can download and print. Enjoy!

Download Here: Terra Willy Activity Book

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terra willy maze

terra willy spot the difference

terra willy word search

About Terra Willy

During an intergalactic mission, young Willy gets separated from his parents and crash lands on an unexplored planet. Accompanied by a helpful robot and an extraterrestrial creature, Willy sets off on an adventure that’s out of this world.

Terra Willy will be available everywhere October 29th.

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