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DC’s Stargirl Episode Eleven: Shining Knight Recap & Review

DC’s Stargirl episode eleven, Shining Knight, sets fans up for what is sure to be an epic final two episodes of season one. 

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Ever since the last few moments of Stargirl episode ten I have been dying for episode eleven! But when I watched it, I got so much more than I expected. There are some pretty major reveals and twists in this episode. Ones that set up the final two episodes of the season to be completely epic.

One of the saddest parts of this episode comes early on when we learn that yes, Henry was murdered at the end of the last episode. He won’t be back. Barbara is talking about it with Pat and Courtney at the four minute mark and that seems to make it official.

Warning: Spoilers for DC’s Stargirl episode eleven.

DC’s Stargirl episode eleven starts off with the janitor of the school looking for a horse. “A valiant steed with fire in his eyes” as he put it. We then see him trying really hard to remember something. To remember who he is. Don’t forget we last saw him holding his broom and picturing the Cosmic Staff. Which meant he was likely involved in the JSA somehow. He also recognized Pat as Stripsey and is now planning to talk to him to get help remembering.

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Courtney’s Father Comes To Town

A bus passes by the janitor and we see someone who I instantly recognized as Courtney’s father on it. And if we needed any more proof, he is holding a locket with a baby Courtney’s photo in it, just like she has with his photo. I knew this meant Courtney was about to get hit with a truth bomb. She believes with all of her heart that Starman is her father. So I was a little bit heart broken for her knowing she was going to have those dreams crushed.

Although, honestly, I kind of expected this from the beginning. I mean, they would have given us more proof that he was if they weren’t going to bring him eventually. Turns out that Barbara emailed him when she was worried about Courtney and he just showed up out of the blue. He was worried when he replied and then never heard back.

Courtney is so upset that she goes up to her room, and asks to talk to Pat. It is really hard for her to believe what is happening because she spent so much time imagining that her father is Starman. This confuses her and makes her wonder what she has been up to this whole time, if not following her father’s legacy.

Courtney’s Father Breaks Her Heart

He takes her to breakfast so they can talk and then invites her to come visit in him California when she is comfortable. As they get back to her house, I was getting a really bad feeling about him. Then he brings up the lockets that they both have.

He starts talking about how valuable they are. He tells her that if he sells them he can make enough money to put a deposit down on his own place, which is where she can come visit. The he even sneaks in that he would take her shopping in LA and could buy her a pretty bracelet. What a scum bag. She hands it right over to him and I think deep down she knows exactly what he is doing. And that he won’t be back. Just like that. He is gone.

Pat sees what happened and tells her that he can take her yelling if she needs to let it out. Instead she hugs him and cries on his shoulder. Man, I love how far their relationship has come. Barbara witnesses this moment and feels it too. Pat catches up to Sam, Courtney’s father, and asks what he was thinking. He explains that Courtney has worn that locket every day since he gave it to her. 

He then tells Sam never to come back. And Sam admits he was never planning on it. He tells Pat to say bye to Barbara for him and that she still looks good. Then adds but not as good as when I had her. Pat punches him right in the face and honestly, I cheered for him at that moment. It was awesome and Sam had it coming.

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Poor Mike

For a while now I have felt bad for Mike, Pat’s son. He has been left out of every conversation and now even Barbara knows everything and he doesn’t. When Courtney’s father shows up, he goes to talk to Courtney and Pat yells at him to leave the room. And that they are talking privately.

After the conversation he had with Courtney he feels hopeless. He even asks his father what he did wrong. Pat assures him nothing, and that everything will be OK eventually. To say that Mike doesn’t seem to believe that is an understatement. I could almost see his heart break in his eyes.

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The Janitor’s True Identity

The janitor finds Pat, who is with Beth and Rick at his car shop. Unfortunately he is hallucinating and thinks they are Dragon King and some of his minions. He also has a sword making for a dangerous combination. Eventually Pat talks him down and gets him seeing straight again.

Pat explains that he is one of the strongest and bravest men that he has ever known. And that is when my mind started running. Just who could he be? I knew that we would find out in this episode eventually. And we sure did. Justin is the Shining Knight. The leader of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

As he talks about his sword, Excalibur, and how it was gifted to him by Arthur himself on his death bad, he starts to remember how he is. Turns out he actually traveled through time to get to Blue Valley and the present. It is mentioned that he could be brainwashed which immediately made me think of Brainwave. And also, the machine and the plan to do the same to the people of the world.

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Brainwave & Icicle

Icicle makes it to his office in the morning to discover Brainwave waiting for him. As we know from the last episode, Brainwave’s memory is back. He immediately tells Icicle that Stargirl is Courtney Whitmore. Icicle is clearly shocked. This is not good news for him since his son likes her, and he likes her mother. He also knows that Pat is Stripsey. 

Icicle tells him that he cannot kill him, which is what Brainwave wants to do. Brainwave reads his mind to figure out why he doesn’t want them to be killed. He learns that Brainwave is hesitating because of Barbara. Icicle tells Brainwave to stop reading his mind. That he doesn’t want him in his head, or Barbara’s head for that matter.

Then Brainwave mentions something that is just a bit disturbing — that when his son died his powers grew, like he was absorbing them. he then threatens Icicle telling him to make up his mind and quick — before he has to make it for him.

Icicle sneaks into Barbara’s office and checks her computer history to discover an article about Icicle murdering Starman. He eventually goes to Brainwave and tells him to take care of the whole Whitmore family — Mike included. “We can’t leave a legacy running around.” We are also shown a countdown to what must the machine starting up — just 12 hours and counting! 

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Barbara And Courtney

After what happened with Courtney’s father, she is ready to give up on being Stargirl and leave Blue Valley. Even when her mother tells her that she knows there are people that need their help. At school Courtney is talking to the rest of JSA and explains that her father isn’t Starman. Yolanda points out that she isn’t related to Wildcat but she is Wildcat now. And then Beth adds in that she never met Doctor Mid-Nite but she is the new one.

Courtney adds that the Cosmic Staff won’t work for her anymore. She assumes this is because the staff knows she isn’t Starman’s daughter. I figure it is because she has lost confidence in herself. Pat says the same thing when she tells him about it. The Cosmic Staff needs Courtney to believe in herself again.

Then we see a memorial service at the school for Henry. Brainwave is introduced to talk about his son and he sends messages to Courtney. Saying it is her fault. He also challenges her to come after the ISA. That is when she realizes that he remembers who she is.

Courtney asks Barbara and Pat to stand by her side while she tries to get her confidence back and re-power the staff. With the two of them by her side, she discovers who she is again, and the Cosmic Staff wakes up — seemingly more powerful than ever. Justin comes into the basement to see this and adds “Our Queen has risen.” — and yes, that gave me chills.

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DC’s Stargirl Episode Eleven: Shining Knight

Courtney’s life gets turned upside down when someone from her past arrives in Blue Valley. Meanwhile, Pat uncovers new information about the ISA’s plan and Jordan makes a surprising discovery at work.

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