10 Most Emotional Moments of Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic The Hedgehog is filled with emotional moments. I think that is part of the reason it is doing so well at the box office. Fans of Sonic will scream, laugh, and some might even cry (I sure did).

most emotional moments in sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is a truly fantastic movie — whether you are a fan of the video games, or not. Probably the best video game movie ever made (yes, I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed Detective Pikachu) and something I think everyone should see. For a kids movie, it can actually get pretty deep. There are many emotional moments in Sonic the Hedgehog that had me feeling all the feels.

Now when I saw emotional, I mean ALL the emotions. Happy, sad, angry, excited — you name it. Something I like to do for movies I love is pick the top 10 most emotional moments. I actually got several requests to do that for Sonic, so here we go. This was a tough one for me because there were a lot of moments I truly loved that made me feel things. 

As with all of my emotional moments articles, these are listed in the order they appeared in the movie (more or less), and not by how emotional they made me feel.

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sonic the hedgehog

WARNING: Sonic the Hedgehog spoilers ahead!

If you have not seen Sonic the Hedgehog yet and you want to go into it completely in the dark, be sure to stop reading this article now, as it is going to be filled with spoilers. but be sure to bookmark it and come back after you do! Let me know which moments were the most emotional for you.

baby sonic the hedgehog

Seeing Young Sonic’s Planet

The opening scene of the movie shows baby Sonic racing through the Green Hill Zone and cue all of the goosebumps. Talk about nostalgia. My heart immediately swelled and I knew that this movie was going to be fantastic. Baby Sonic is adorable, and the sweetest thing as he brings Long Claw a flower. 

Long Claw Is Hit By The Arrows

But then things quickly take a turn for the worse, and it becomes clear that Sonic is being hunted. Creatures come after him with arrows, but hit (and we assume kill) Long Claw instead. That scene was hard to watch because it was so realistic. I went from over the moon excited to heart broken for Sonic as he was shoved through the ring onto Earth. That’s when I knew I was in it for the long haul with this movie.

original sonic sega game

SEGA Theme Song

Then we got the SEGA logo and song, and my nostalgia cued up again. It was exciting. I was EXCITED for this movie. There was no doubting that. That leads into Sonic being alone on Earth and that — that is really hard to watch. Poor Sonic is truly alone (that baseball scene…). 

The fact that I went through a roller coaster of emotions in the first 15 minutes made me realize how attached to Sonic, and the movie, that I was.

The Slow Motion Scenes

This was the coolest thing EVER! Seriously. It reminded me so much of Quicksilver’s slow motion scenes in X-Men and I promise you, the movie is worth watching just for these scenes. There are a few of them throughout Sonic the Hedgehog and each one made me emotional and excited because they were — just WOW.

sonic the hedgehog tom

“Make A Real Friend”

This was the first emotional moment in Sonic the Hedgehog that actually made me cry. Not tear up, but cry. Like tears running down my face cry. Sonic is making a bucket list, and we see that he has written down “Make a real friend.” Gosh, if that doesn’t make you feel sad for the blue blur, I don’t know what will.

Of course at this moment the audience will assume that Ton will become his friend eventually, but it still hurt my heart.

Sonic Gets Hit By The Blast

During the car chase, Robotnik’s machines are coming after Tom and Sonic. After one of the funnest action scenes I have ever had the pleasure of watching, Sonic gets hit by a blast. And things don’t look good. He is out, down for the count. Tom picks him up to take him to his wife, who happens to be a vet. We assume Sonic will be OK (after all the movie is only about halfway over) but it still felt like Sonic was in real danger.

sonic the hedgehog movie easter eggs

Sonic Is “Killed”

So many more amazing things happen and then we come to the climax of the film. And this, this is what hit me the hardest. Sonic and Robotnik get into it and things go south for Sonic. This time I thought for sure Sonic was dead. He lays there on the pavement with his eyes closed and Robotnik and Tom start talking about him in the past tense. That got me.

Then Tom calls him his friend, and it wakes him up. Talk about tears. I was a MESS. 

Sonic’s Attic Bedroom Is Revealed

Then we get to the very end of the movie and we see that things are much better for Sonic. He is at Tom and Maggie’s house and Tom mentions that it is time for him to go back to his cave. But they didn’t mean his literal cave. Turns out they took all of Sonic’s things and made him a bedroom in their attic, essentially adopting him. 

jim carrey robotnik

Robotnik IS Eggman 

During the very final scene, you see Robotnik on the Mushroom planet that he was sent to. However, he isn’t Robotnik anymore. Oh no. He has become Eggman. The transformation is complete and it is EVERYTHING. Jim Carrey absolutely crushed this role throughout the entire movie and this last scene brings it all together. 

tails sonic the hedgehog

Tails Shows Up — And Implies A Sequel

Do not leave before the credits because you are in for a treat. Tails shows up. He looks amazing. And he gives me all the hopes for a sequel. I literally screamed and jump up out of my seat. In the theater. At the premiere. Yea, that was an incredible and emotional end to Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Sonic poster

About Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic tries to navigate the complexities of life on Earth with his newfound best friend — a human named Tom Wachowski. They must soon join forces to prevent the evil Dr. Robotnik from capturing Sonic and using his powers for world domination.

Sonic The Hedgehog is in theaters now (and stay for the credits – trust me!).


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