The 10 Most Emotional Moments in Disney’s Noelle on Disney+ (SPOILERS)


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After watching Noelle on Disney+, it quickly became one of my top 5 Christmas movies. Not only does it give me that Christmas feel, but it gave me something that I knew my girls needed to see. The fact that girls can do anything they want, even become Santa. Yes, Disney’s Noelle is filled with emotional moments, and it was hard for me to select just 10. But I did, and here they are.

As with all of my emotional moments posts, this Noelle one does not order the moments by how emotional they are. Instead, they are in the order that they happened in the movie. 

WARNING: Spoilers for Disney’s Noelle ahead.

Santa Dies

Yea… the movie starts off with Santa dying. Well technically it happens about 5 minutes in to the movie. But it is still emotional. And kind of a shocker. However, the spirit lives on in his son Nick, who is training to become the next Santa. Noelle explains it away as something that always happens — and that the job of Santa is passed down from generation to generation (which I kind of dig).

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Everyone Blames Noelle

My heart sank for Noelle when she got blamed for her brother’s disappearance. I mean, I get it, she is the one that told him to leave. But as she repeatedly says, she only told him to take the weekend. She didn’t tell him to take off for good. And when she is getting treated poorly by everyone, even her mother, I can’t help but feel bad for her.

The Homeless Shelter

While looking for her bother, Noelle ends up at a homeless shelter. When she sees how some people are living, it really broke her heart. Being sheltered up in the North Pole, she had no idea about things like this. My favorite moment of this scene is when she realizes that she can speak sign language, and has a conversation with a little deaf girl. It warmed (and broke) my heart.

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Noelle Finds Nick

The moment that Noelle finds Nick working at a yoga studio is emotional because of the argument that they have. They go from really excited to see each other, to at each other’s throats — like true siblings. But in the process of it all he tells her that no one has ever expected anything of her. And I think that really stung. I understand where they are both coming from in this moment, and really can’t side with either one of them.

Nick Tries To Be Santa

I absolutely love the scene where Noelle takes Nick to the mall to have kids sit on his lap, and have him take on the role as Santa. This is the moment where it is obvious that Noelle has the sparkle, not Nick. She can understand the children, and see inside their hearts. And I love it. 

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Noelle Confesses Who She Is

When Noelle tells Jake who she really is, he looks at her like she is crazy. I mean, who wouldn’t in that situation? In this moment, my heart sank for Noelle because she is actually telling the truth, and he doesn’t want to listen. Instead he leaves her alone with her emotions.

Jake Helps Free Noelle

Noelle is taken to a hospital and set up with a councilor for psychiatric evaluation after her incident at the mall, and it seems like all hope is lost. No one is believing her. Well, thanks to Elf Polly, Jake believes in her enough to come help her escape. Of course that is when her brother and Polly show up, with Snowcone, flying the sleigh. Jake can’t help but believe then.

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Noelle’s Speech

Noelle’s speech in front of the North Pole citizens and the Elf Council always makes me cry. She talks about Christmas can’t solve all the world’s problems, but it sure can give us hope. She explains all that she has seen in Phoenix, and how people are living. In my opinion that is the moment she proves that she can be Santa. And should be Santa.

“Merry Christmas, Santa”

If you don’t turn into a blubbering mess during this scene, I don’t think you have feelings. When the deaf girl that Noelle met earlier in the film signs “Merry Christmas Santa” to her — I lost it. Sure Noelle has taken over the job of Santa, but already she has had several people tell her that Santa can’t be a girl. So this moment meant a lot to her — and it shows because that is when she felt comfortable in her boots, and the suit fit her.

That Girl Boss Moment

At the very end of Noelle there is a girl boss moment that just might be the most emotional moment of the film for me — because it brought out so many emotions. Pride. Laughter. Girl power! They were all bubbling inside of me. During my interview with Suzanne Todd, I learned that moment was an after thought. It was put into the film later on. And I am so glad it was. I think it is important for kids to see the aftermath, and see that Noelle succeeded, and continues to succeed, in her new role.

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About Noelle

Noelle is an upcoming American fantasy adventure Christmas comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is directed and written by Marc Lawrence. The film stars Anna Kendrick as Noelle Kringle, the daughter of Santa Claus. It also stars Bill Hader, Billy Eichner, Julie Hagerty, and Shirley MacLaine.


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