Disney’s Noelle Spreads Laughter, Tears, and the Christmas Spirit


disney's noelle review

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love a good Christmas movie — so Disney’s Noelle had big shoes to fill from the beginning for me. That being said, I love almost all Christmas films, even the corny ones. As long as they are filled with spirit, they are worth a watch in my book. But Noelle, well it really exceeded all of my expectations. It combined two things that live in my heart — Christmas and female empowerment.

But it also isn’t shoved in your face. It works perfectly. Noelle is a movie I will watch time and time again. I love that it is coming to Disney+ at launch, because I know that I will watch it at least 10 times before the holiday season is over. Maybe more.

Anna Kendrick & Bill Hader

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader are easily two of my favorite comedians, so I had high hopes for this movie. Something about the trailer felt off to me, and I admit, I wasn’t 100% convinced. But after just 15 minutes of watching this movie and I was sold. I was in it. And I was loving every second of it. 

There were moments I laughed until I cried. And there were moments that I sobbed for other reasons. If you are looking for a Christmas family that your whole family love, Disney’s Noelle is it.

disney's noelle review

ALL The Christmas Puns!

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas pun? I know I do! It felt like they kept coming and coming, and each one got funnier than the last. My personal favorite is “Oh My Garland!” And yes, I do plan to use that over and over until everyone around me starts using it as well. 

How Does Noelle Stack Up As A Christmas Movie?

Christmas movies are some of my favorite movies, so I was concerned that Noelle would not stack up as a good Christmas movie. But it does. I never thought I would say that it is right up there with Elf on my list, but it is. Noelle is filled with humor, and heart, and of course, the Christmas spirit.

As with any good Christmas movie, there is a lot to learn from Noelle. Be yourself. Stand up for what makes you happy. You can do anything, no matter your gender. And support your family and friends. Most importantly? Believe in yourself.

disney's noelle review

What Age Range is Noelle For?

My daughters are 6 and 8, and they will be watching Noelle with me over and over. I didn’t pick up on anything that would be inappropriate for kids of a young age. As long as your child is OK and engaged with “real people” movies, they should be fine.

There are some sensitive subjects like death, disability, divorce, and poverty — but it is done really well and I don’t think it will bother many children. But you know your kids best, so if you think they are overly sensitive to that stuff, maybe watch it first (another great perk of it being on Disney+!).

Anna Kendrick Disney Plus Noelle

Female Empowerment

One of the reasons I am so hyped to watch this movie with my daughters is the female empowerment aspect of it. How many times are women told they can’t do what they want to do because they are a woman? Unfortunately, it happens a lot. We are often given a limited list of things we are allowed to do and some are just out of the question because of our gender. And sometimes, sometimes this forces us to lose a little bit of faith in ourselves.

Disney’s Noelle takes this to a whole new level — and yes there were tears. Lots and lots of tears. Throughout the entire movie I kept thinking how much I really REALLY could not wait for my daughters to watch it. Because I want them to learn that they can do ANYTHING they put their minds to.

noelle disney plus christmas movie

Overall Thoughts

Overall I have to admit that Noelle was way better than I had expected. I love Christmas movies, and I figured I would enjoy this one, but I wasn’t expecting all the tears. And I wasn’t expecting all the heartwarming moments. And I certainly wasn’t expecting to be counting down the moments until I could watch it again. 

Disney’s Noelle shows the lesson that you can do anything, even if it something you never expected you could do. It is filled with both funny and emotional moments, and is something that the whole family is sure to love. Noelle shares the spirit of Christmas, and if you don’t shed a tear while watching it, you should look inside yourself. It is the perfect family Christmas movie — so cuddle up on the couch with your loved ones, grab a snack, and hit play when it lands on Disney+ at launch! You will not regret it.

P.S. Keep an eye out for the Hidden Mickeys — there are a TON of them!

About Noelle

Noelle is an upcoming American fantasy adventure Christmas comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is directed and written by Marc Lawrence. The film stars Anna Kendrick as Noelle Kringle, the daughter of Santa Claus. It also stars Bill Hader, Billy Eichner, Julie Hagerty, and Shirley MacLaine

Watch Noelle on Disney+ starting on November 12th!


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