Go Into the Night with PJ Masks this Halloween!


These goodies were gifted to us from PJ Masks but all opinions expressed are 100% our own.

Owlette PJ Masks Halloween Costume

If you have been checking my site out for a while now, than you know my young daughters love the Disney Junior show PJ Masks. Oh, sorry, they LOVE PJ Masks. My youngest has a backpack, lunchbox, and tons of clothes that are themed with that show. She even had a PJ Masks birthday party one year (and asks to again every year since!). So when a giant box filled with PJ Masks Halloween goodies showed up at our door, she screamed and ran around in circles. I totally wish I had it on video.

PJ Masks Halloween Candy

For Trick or Treaters

I quickly realized something that I didn’t know – there are lots of options for trick or treaters! I guess I always thought the only option to hand out were big bags of candy not themed for kids’ favorite shows. But in the box that came to our door there were not only PJ Masks ring pops, lollipops, and swirl pops, there were also temporary tattoo and sticker packs as well as bandages to hand out! I just know all the young kids coming to our door this Halloween will be thrilled!

Bandages are great because kids might stumble and fall while out and about. Also, who couldn’t use more bandages in their home? Kids are always in need of bandages, and they tend to be a little braver about accidents when they have their favorite superheroes on them!

pj masks bandages

For Your House

No porch is complete without a Halloween greeter. I can promise you that. This year we will have an adorable Gecko holding a pumpkin by our door. And I can all but guarantee he will be in my daughter’s room by her door the rest of the year. He is super cute, true, but most importantly he is sturdy. We have a roof over our porch, but even with the cold winds and rain, Gecko has been safe and sound guarding our door! He is sure to last through season after season!

Owlette PJ Masks Halloween

For Your Little Ones

My youngest daughter has been searching for the perfect Halloween costume this year. When she saw the glow in the dark (yes. GLOW IN THE DARK!!) Owlette costume in this box, she claimed it right away. We tried it on her and I must say, she looks so stinking adorable in it! I have a feeling that this will become a weekend costume once Halloween is over as well. But that isn’t all we got – there was also an awesome Owlette trick or treat basket! Yup, this made her day! You can even grab tons of super cool printable activities and recipes on the PJ Masks website, so be sure to do that!

Happy Halloween!

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