How to Make Your Own Bomberman Pumpkin (with Ice Cream Cone Hat!)


How to Make A Bomberman Pumpkin

As you likely know already, my family loves to game! Every weekend we can be found playing video games, and Bomberman for Nintendo Switch is one of our favorites. We love it because we can all play together – and my youngest just loves to buy all the different hats. While deciding on the pumpkin she wanted to make this year, her hardest decision was which hate her Bomberman pumpkin would have. A crab? Classic ball? Nope, she settled on the ice cream hat, and I am so glad she did!

Bomberman Pumpkin

Bomberman Pumpkin

What do you need to make your very own Bomberman pumpkin with ice cream hat?

bomberman with ice cream cone hat

Our inspiration for this pumpkin!

The first thing you need to do is paint your pumpkin white. Then paint two large lines for eyes, and an outline for the opening of your Bomberman suit. If you wish to leave the suit white, I suggest painting the face peach. If you are opting to change the color of your suit, you can leave the face white.

bomberman ice cream cone

To make the ice cream cone hat, cut your craft foam in to a triangle. Roll it together to make a cone shape and hot glue it together. Paint it brown if you wish, we opted to leave it white. Take half of your plastic Easter egg and hot glue it on the top, so that it looks like an ice cream cone. We went with pink because my daughter has been working hard to unlock the strawberry cone in the game. Once dry, hot glue the cone to the stem of your pumpkin.

bomberman pumpkin with ice cream cone hat

Then all you have to do is decide what color you want the Bomberman suit to be. My daughter’s favorite color is orange so I was surprised she wanted to go with pink. But once it was done, I could tell why. This pink looks amazing! Especially on top of the white “primer” coat.

how to make your own Bomberman Pumpkin

Love this pumpkin? Don’t forget to pin it so that you can come back and recreate it! This is one we will probably do a variation on every year. I am already hunting down a plastic crab for the hat…


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