5 Little Tikes Toys That Would Make Great Holiday Gifts


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Even though school just started, the holidays are fast approaching. With so many toys out there, I wanted to give you a heads up on five from Little Tikes that we have – and that my girls love! These are all sure to make great holiday gifts for your little ones. Trust me, it is never too early to start shopping.


Construct ‘n Learn Smart Workbench

Start your engines! Little Tikes introduces the Construct ‘n Learn Smart Workbench. This is the only build your own vehicle workbench set that also comes with a free downloadable app that uses wireless technology. Grab your tools and let’s start building some cool vehicles. With three unique vehicles included, the fun and learning never ends. You can also create your own mash up if you want something different. Don’t forget to download the free app, and now you can watch your vehicle come life right before your eyes as you build it on the workbench. Test your tool knowledge with Tool Trivia. Or just have fun in Free Play mode. If your little one is into cars and trucks and loves helping you in the garage, this is the perfect place to begin.

My husband is an engineer by trade, and always fixing things around the house. He also spends his time explaining to our daughters about how everything works. I think that is one of the reasons why this was such a hit with my daughters! They have had so much fun fixing all of their toys – especially their playhouse and toy car. My husband and I love this workbench because of how well it is made. It is very sturdy and I think it will last a long time.

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Pogo IT!

HOP IT! WIN IT! FLIP IT! Little Tikes Pogo-It combines sports and interactive gaming in one incredible game. With two game modes and two levels of challenge, Pogo-it even grows with you! Once you’ve mastered the beginner level, flip the Pogo-it for an exciting new challenge. How long can you “Hop ’til You Drop?”.

My 6 year old has had a total blast with the Pogo IT! I have loved watching her hope around with it, and she gets better and better each time she tries it. My 4 year old enjoys it, but is not that great at it yet. I can tell that this is something they will love to play with for years to come!

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Swim to Me Puppy

Cute Lil’ Pups is the only line of stray pups that want to be adopted, cared for and played with, just like real pups. He’s the cute little stray that swims all day – just put him in the water and watch him go! You can also walk him on land – just like a real dog! With two ways to play, this pup will provide hours of fun indoor and outdoor play! Let your little one experience the fun of having their own Cute Lil’ Pup!

My girls have been begging for a toy that will swim with them. They saw the commercial for Swim to Me Puppy and have been begging for it – so imagine their surprise when it showed up at the door. This was a HUGE hit in our house and has been played with for hours on end already.

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My First Drone

My First Flyer is the only helicopter for preschoolers that flies, turns and lands with a one-touch control. Ever since it arrived, my girls (and OK, my husband too) have been having a blast with it! I was surprised by how easy it was to use. Everyone in the family figured out how to control it within a few minutes – even my 4 year old. This would be a great gift for any kid who has been begging for a drone but is still a little but too young.

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Tire Twister Lights

The Little Tikes RC Tire Twister is the wildest tire ever – all powered by a remote controlled race car on the inside of the tire! The easy-to-steer kids’ remote control car gives kids the power to control the car forward and backward. The car can also perform back flips inside the tire to change directions and can spin the tire 360 degrees! Remove the car from the inside the tire for regular remote controlled floor action. The RC Tire Twister is two toys in one!

I was honestly surprised at how much fun we have had with the tire twister! You should see our little dogs chase it around the house – it is hilarious! We have spent a good twenty minutes straight having them do that, and none of us can stop laughing. One thing I really like about this toy is that it can be just a regular remote controlled car if you take it out of the tire. Two toys in one and a great holiday gift!

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