Porte Play Home Organizer

I travel a lot – for personal vacations as well as for business trips. Because of my job and my lifestyle, no matter where I go, I have a lot of electronics and gadgets that come along with me. I never leave the house without my cellphones, power banks, Nikon D5000, & Microsoft Surface Pro. In order to document my trips, I am constantly taking photos and videos. That means I need all of these items, plus all of the chargers that come along with them. I hate just throwing cords in to my suitcase, so have been looking for a good organizer for a while. When I discovered Porte Play organizers, I was thrilled!

The first time I traveled with my new Porte Play organizers, it changed my life. They have an assortment of storage solutions designed to organize and hold all of your cords and devices. These organizers are not only functional, they are totally adorable! I just love all of their sleek and modern designs. My cords and devices were kept safe, sound, and organized during traveling, making these perfect for any on-the-go person. I honestly do not think I would be able to travel without at least one of them!

Porte Play Pull Apart Organizer

Pull Apart Organizers

The Porte Play Pull-Apart has five elastic slots to fit a variety of different sized cords and cables. The zippered mesh pocket fits your large chargers and keeps your electronic accessories secure and organized. This is by far my favorite accessory for travel now. I am able to fit several of my power banks and all of their chargers and cords. I cannot even begin to explain how organized my suitcase looks now compared to the mess it always looked like before.


The Porte Play 2-Piece Pouch Set gives you easy, portable access to your cell phone, cords, and other small electronic accessories. It is small enough to fit into smaller bags, but big enough to keep your headphones, chargers, and other small items within reach. If you ask me, this is the ideal accessory to keep in your purse for every day use.

Tablet Cases

Pretty much everyone has a tablet now right? They are a great way to keep up with work, friends, and even your favorite TV shows while traveling. The Porte Play Tablet Case is equipped with a padded inner sleeve and a hook and eye closure to securely hold a 9.4 inch tablet. With five slots for cable storage, its convenient design allows you to stay organized – on the go and even at home. Never misplace much needed cords again because they will all be in one spot, nice and neatly organized.


The Porte Play Organizer features a dual zip compartment storage with plenty of room for your cables, connectors, and chargers. Its compact design makes staying organized easy and efficient. I personally love that it easily fits into any bag, backpack, or suitcase. While I prefer the Pull-Apart Organizer for carry-on luggage, this organizer is great for longer trips and my full size suitcase.

Porte Play Organizer

Home Organizers

The Porte Play Large Organizer has a customizable layout made to hold all of your home gadgets. Its adjustable and removable sections can be configured to fit pretty much everything. From larger cables and chargers, to remote controls and other electronic devices. Onoe of my favorite things is the clear bottom because it allows you to easily see inside. Another great feature is the durable front mesh pocket because it is ideal for smaller accessories. The best part? It can be stored neatly in a drawer, the TV console, or even tucked away in a cabinet. It is also great for long trips, or when you have a lot of different electronics to take along with you.

Made with a blend of interesting materials inspired by tech, sportswear, and on-the-go city life, Porte Play set out to combine utility and style in the products they create. Made to hold your gadgets. Designed to fit your life.

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