Beauty and the Beast Live Action Under the Stars Movie Night | #BATBUnderTheStars


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Beauty and the Beast Under the Stars Movie Night

The Live Action Beauty and the Beast is one of my new favorite Disney films. I adored the original, which made me quite nervous about this one, but I was pleased it. And who knew Dan Stevens could sing am I right? This movie just hit stores everywhere this past week and in order to celebrate, we threw another Disney Movie Night Under the Stars! We went all out, Beauty and the Beast style, and you can too (I promise, it is really easy).

movie night kit

The Outdoor Movie Night Set Up

In case you missed it last week, here is what you need in order to create your movie night under the stars set-up:

Beauty and the Beast Under the Stars Movie Night

Simply connect your phone to the speaker and projector using the adapter and the HDMI cable. Be sure the projector is lined up with your projector screen, sheet, or side of the house evenly. This way the movie will be straight and easier to watch, instead of an an angle. Then use Disney Movies Anywhere to pull up the movie you want to watch, in this case Beauty and the Beast, and hit play! Then all that is left to do is relax and enjoy the movie with your family!

Beauty and the Beast Under the Stars Movie Night

The Food

What is one of the things you think of right away when you mention Beauty and the Beast? For me, it is Mrs. Potts and adorable little Chip. So, of course, our Beauty and the Beast themed movie night was not complete without some tea and cupcakes. Now, my girls are a little too young for caffeine, so we just put water in their cups. They didn’t mind and were just excited to be pretending along with us.

Beauty and the Beast Under the Stars Movie Night

The Decorations

Everyone knows that Belle loves to read – that is one of my most favorite things about her. We brought some books outside just for ambiance. I also made sure that I had my new “Beauty is Found Within” water bottle to stay hydrated. We also made sure my Funko POP Beast figure was hanging out with us while we watched the film.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Night

This movie night set up is very easy and something we know we will use many times. In fact, we are going camping next weekend with family and intend on bringing the whole set up with us. Thanks to Disney Movies Anywhere we have a huge library of movies to choose from like Moana, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, Captain America: Civil War, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Incredibles, Aladdin, Star Wars: Rogue One, and Zootopia. There really is something that everyone will enjoy.

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