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black-panther poster

You all know what a big Marvel fan I am, so of course, I am really looking forward to Marvel’s Black Panther, which hits theaters February 2018. Today Marvel released the poster and I was in awe of it instantly. Chadwick Boseman looks amazing as T’Challa sitting on the throne. He looks very heroic and very true to his character in the comics, which makes me happy. We saw a little bit of him in Captain America: Civil War, but not nearly enough.

T’Challa in the Comic Books

Now, if I am being totally honest here, one of my favorite things about T’Challa has to do with his ties to the X-Men and his wife, Storm. Unfortunately, Marvel Studios does not have the rights to any of the X-Men, including Storm, so unless a miracle happens, we won’t be seeing her in the MCU. I am hoping for some hints at her presence but am not holding my breath. I think myself, along with other Marvel Comic Book readers will be upset if we see him have a love interest. It would have to be done really well for it to be OK in my book.

If you know nothing about T’Challa, let me tell you, we are in for a treat. He is strong, quiet, and firm when he needs to be. He will do just about anything to protect his family. Stay tuned to Mama’s Geeky because I am working on a list of comic books that will help you prepare for the film.

Teaser Trailer

AHHHHHH!!! That is basically all I can write right now. WOW! As if there was any doubt, Marvel Studios sure knows what they are doing. I am so excited!

Black Panther Comes to Theaters Feb 16, 2018!