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I remember watching Rainbow Brite when I was a little girl. It was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up and I have loved introducing my young daughters to her and her world. They are 3 and 5 years old and they have fallen in love with her. Hallmark sent us a Rainbow Brite package that helped the girls get to know one of my favorite characters even better. There were four books and, of course, an adorable Rainbow Brite itty bitty.


The books included in the package were: “Wit and Wisdom of Rainbow Brite”, “Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids Caper”, “Help Me Save The Rainbow”, and “Rainbow Brite and the Very Brave Day”. We have already read these books through several times. My girls ask for them every night at bedtime – and who can blame them? They are so much fun for me to read, and really take me back to when I was a little girl.


To help celebrate the return of Rainbow Brite and several new products coming soon, Hallmark announced the Rainbow Brite Photo Sweepstakes. To enter, simply share a photo of your best Rainbow Brite inspired outfit or costume on Instagram or Twitter using #RainbowBrite and tag @Hallmark. One grand prize winner will receive a Rainbow Brite prize pack – including autographed merchandise – valued at $225! This contest ends on 10/31.

I hope you enter – I know I will be! But to hold you off, I have a set of four Rainbow Brite books to give away to one of my lucky readers!

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Shop itty bittys Here: http://www.hallmark.com/gifts/stuffed-animals/itty-bittys/

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  1. She has been a classic cartoon since my childhood!! I love that she’s stuck around throughout the years!! Love that my daughter (if I ever have one) could love her just as much as I did growing up!

  2. Rainbow Brite is colorful and classic. The artwork is captivating. The adorable characters could inspire any child to want to be an artist.

  3. I love her colorful outfit and her happy persona and most of all, the memories she brings back of my kids’ childhoods!

  4. Allyson becker on

    I love her cheerful personality and her rainbow spirit! She is from my childhood, and I love how you survives the test of time! A classic!

  5. Allyson becker on

    Her multitude of colors make me so happy! I loved her when I was a child. I collected all the dolls. I loved Twink! This is such a blast from my past!

  6. I always loved Rainbow Brite as a kid! 🙂 It would definitely be a nostalgia thing for me to see my little ones enjoying her too!

  7. I just Love Rainbow Brite. She is such a Happy Cheery Person. Plus she dresses in such Pretty Brightly colored clothes. She is a sweetheart!!

  8. Allyson becker on

    Her colors are happy! Her personality is bubbly! What is not to love about Rainbow Brite? She just makes the world a better place!

  9. Allyson becker on

    I love that she has survived the test of time! I remember her from my childhood. The only bad thing is that now I feel old. lol

  10. Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite cartoons growing up, I used to watch the movie over and over again. I liked her friends too.

  11. I have always loved Rainbow Brite. Se is always Cheery and Bright!! Love her Brightoutfits and Hair~ I also like that she sets a wonderful Example to Children to always try to be a Happy Person.

  12. I Love Rainbow Brites Sunny and Cheery Way! She makes you Happy and smile. I also love her brightly colored clothes and hair.

  13. Rainbow Brite is bright and cheery. She reminds me of my youngest daughter, who is no longer with us. She never had her own kids, but my other daughter did and I would love to share Rainbow Brite with my grandson. I think he would really love it and get into the books.

  14. I really don’t know how much more I can say about a doll. Except she made a lot of girls happy around the world and for many years!

  15. I just love Rainbow Brite!! I lover her Bright Blonde Hair,her bright colored clothes. Most of all I love her Bright, Cheery and Happy Personality!!

  16. I love Rainbow Brite . She is such a Haapy go Lucky little Girl~ Love her bright colors and Bright Hair. She is just beautiful inside and out!! :O)~~~~

  17. Cecilia Pipitone-Oliveto on

    I like that Rainbow Brite is always sweet and caring. My daughter always loved her and her friends and now my granddaughter does also.

  18. Allyson becker on

    I just love that Rainbow Brite with her bright colors and her perky ponytail just makes everything in the world seem okay! Her positive attitude and illuminating smile make the world a better place. I love that she has stood the test of time through the years. I remember her so fondly from my childhood.

  19. I always loved how cute and colorful Rainbow Brite is! I still have the horse piggybank from when I was really young that I passed on to my daughter! 🙂

  20. I Love Rainbow Brite Because she is so Happy and Cheerful. I also love her gorgeous bright colored Hair and clothes. :O)~~~

  21. I love how it seems that her arms and her friend’s arms (in the pics above) seem stretched out to hug you! Very sweet!

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  23. I just love her bright blonde hair and her colorful cheery clothes. I also love her awesome personality Happy go lucky and so Cheerful to be around.

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